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Practical explosive blood bag solution?

Hi everyone,

I am producing and directing a short film which involves a shootout scene. Not a Michael Bay type of shootout but something more like a mexican standoff in Reservoir Dogs. So I want every shot to count and I would like to make it bloody and practical. I have read that in Django, Tarantino strapped blood bags with explosives on actors with a metal plate to protect actors, but they still got hurt a little. I am not going for blood fountains, so I thought maybe there is a solution on the market, which is sold for this type of stuff and which is safe. I've seen home-made tutorials, but they are still dangerous, because they are made pretty loosely and I am definitely not making them on my own.
I am aware that the way to go would be to hire a special effects guy, but maybe there is something out there I do not know.

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Look at your local theater store (if you have one) or on some theater websites. They have remotly activated blood bags for use on skin.

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Eric Halbherr
Director, DP, Editor, Creative Storyteller

I've used two effects for bullet hits in the past.

Garden sprayer with a long hose (aquarium air hose!). At the end, I used a small syringe (plunger removed) heated and bent 90 degrees, then inserted into the actor end of the hose.

The second is to use something like HitFilm or After Effects to add bullet hits digitally. Use that for your gun muzzle flash as well.

Best effects are achieved by using the two together.

September 7, 2016 at 11:31AM

Ian Nicholson
Head Tutor at Sydney Short Film School

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