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Production Sound Design/Audio

Hello, all. Quick question regarding production audio. I will be shooting a documentary soon. We will be in controlled environments like offices and homes, but also in uncontrolled environments like the outdoors and big assemblies. The camera setup is TBD (probably RED or DSLR but I am considering an my iphone 6s+ and filmic pro app as well due to its mobility) but Id like to get a jumpstart on audio.

On my last production we had a boom/wireless lav setup and we synced manually in Premiere during post production. My question is this - how do a locket box and/or a scratch track wireless hop to the camera smooth our the syncing situation? To go further, do you still have to manually sync in post? What is cut out of the workflow? How will the process be smoother? Is there anything I should be weary of with this setup? Since the camera setup is still up in the air, is there particular camera that are not compatible with this type of audio setup?

I know I just bombarded you all, but thanks in advance for any help!


You can use Plural Eyes to sync automatically.

You either use the camera microphone as a second sound reference or take the monitor out from your external sound recorder and plug it into the camera microphone in jack.

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Cary Knoop

I've always lined up the visual of the slate closing with the spike on the audio waveform. It makes no difference if the camera has audio or not.

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