December 18, 2014 at 5:00PM


Pros/Cons of Sony PXW-X70 vs Sony PMW-EX1R? (or Sony NEX-EA50 or Sony FS100?)

I'm a DSLR/MILC guy, thus asking this for a friend as I'm far from an expert on camcorders, but what would be the pro/cons list of a Sony PXW-X70 vs a Sony PMW-EX1R?

To also throw in a third one for comparison with these two, the Sony NEX-EA50 or even the Sony FS100 as a fourth consideration to be included (if only either one had built in ND filters, then I reckon this would be the strongest choice here perhaps?)
(included the links so it is easy and handy for people to also see the specs at a glance)

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