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How to get the best from your Sony Fs7 | REVIEW

There are two things I would like to stress here. First of all, what you are going to read is basically a resumed edition of the PDF (29 pages) with the subjects that I consider the most interesting. That means that the information, technical data and all the advicing are not mine, but as they are written from the autor of the PDF, mr. Alistair Chapman. Keep in mind that this man, who by the way seems to me to have done an outstanding job which is way I think you all should consider buy the man a beer or a coffee as you can do on xdcam-user.com (I did it anyway), is the one who makes official reviews for Sony Europe, so he is most likely right on most of camera related subjects.


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I am responding to this only to say that I will not follow your links nor read any of your future posts. I haven't even read this one. It's obvious you are taking advantage of the lax moderation to gain traffic for yourself. It's bad enough with Alex Ferrari, who I also now ignore, but your multiple posts per day are over the top.

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