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Eurovision Postcard Video

Hi guys :) Last month we shot a promo postcard video for my friend. It was mainly a run and gun project, without any preparations, basicly we improvised the whole video. I would like you to comment / criticize the video ( what could be done better ). We had some problems with color grading, the footage came out a bit noisey.
Shot with bmpcc
Every comment is appreciated :)



Some comments:

- Make sure you always check for lens dust, a few scenes had noticeable spots.
- Wide aperture is great but you may want to shoot a notch narrower to avoid excessive CA, the lens you use is definitely struggling.

- You are brave doing a lot of focus play, it is very hard to do perfectly.
- Consider doing a cut after the focus is completely adjusted, I know the shots are short but then use the tail end. I would always make sure at least something is in focus, for instance in the last scene you either missed the focus on the face or you intentionally had nothing in focus.

Only scene I found out of place color wise is the shot with the headphones on (frame 991). The sky looks 'LUTty'.

Frames, cuts
At frame 244 you have some problem at the bottom.
At frame 632 you made an edit error.

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Cary Knoop

Cary thanks for taking your time :)
I had a lot of problems with the focus, im still struggling with the aperture and the monitor on the bmpcc is pretty bad, especially on the sunlight, but we are getting better everyday:))
Color grading put me in a dillema ; i didnt know if i wanted a summer look, or more of a vintage look.
Our next project will be a music video, so im taking notes to correct those mistakes :).

Thanks again for the feedback Cary :) !!

JM Milavec

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