April 29, 2016 at 9:40PM


Should I get the a7s if I have a couple of canon lenses?

I currently use Canon 70d, and I realized I want better image quality. I heard all the great things about the a7s, but I am contemplating because of the lens situation. I have a 50mm, an 18-55mm and 24-105mm, all canon lenses. I also researched and figured that lenses for Sony mounts are more expensive than most Canon lenses. Is it worth it to buy the a7s? I also have considered getting an adapter, but I hear that those have some focusing issues and I don't really want to spend a lot of money on one.

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It is really worth to buy the Metabones EF to E-mount adaptor if you want to use your canon glass on the A7s.
Working with auto focus while filming isn't a good idea because the focus does not now what you want. So always focsu manually. With focus peaking on the A7s it's really not a big deal.
And consider that the sony glass is, besides it's expensive, has no mechanic manuall focus. It has a servo motor that is activated if your turn the focus dial. Those lenses are designed for photography. Thereto they don't need to have a mechanic focus dial but be very fast and the serve doesn't matter because you only focus once and than you have your image. But in film it's better to focus manually.

April 29, 2016 at 11:49PM

Eric Halbherr
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All im gonna say as an a7s user who uses adapted canon glass is, the image is fucking amazing way better than canon. Also, if your considering getting a metabones adapter, dont bother get a commlite instead, their about $70 and have zero disadvantages over a super overpriced metabones adapter. The only benefit of having a metabones mark 4 is if you are using an a7r2 or a6300, then you will get rapid, near native focussing speeds. But yea, a7s mark 2, can't recommend enough.

May 3, 2016 at 2:49AM

Alex James

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