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Should I Start A Film Club?

Without going into too much detail, I am a high school filmmaker living in a place with almost no film community. I don't have access to any type of high school film club, and I was wondering

a) If it would be worth trying to start one

b) How I would go about doing that in terms of getting gear, establishing myself as a legitimate organization, etc. etc.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!


You absolutely should start one! There was always a lot of locally produced indie material in my area but it was egregiously amateurish. When a network community formed, everybody started specializing and one-man bands turned into crews. The quantity of productions stayed the same but the quality increased drastically. Due to some political and petty personal problems, the community dissolved and it turned back into one-man bands not quite really what they're doing.

There's no reason to create a "legitimate organization". An informal group does just fine and has more flexibility. The tricky part will be to get people who know their stuff so the less knowledgeable can learn. Our local group started as an informal network wanting to discuss how to make movies better. They met once a month at one of the guys' houses. More people got involved through the grapevine and before long, they started holding workshops. That's how I got involved; I was invited to teach basic audio production at a meeting.

Everybody just used their own gear, but when we started specializing, it was no longer necessary for each and every "member" to own a camera, mic, audio recorder, boom, lights, moving blankets, slate etc. I just brought my audio gear, another guy just brought lights, somebody else just brought camera support etc. because we each had a job we did well. If I needed to shoot video, I'd just borrow (or if it was a paying job, rent) a camera from another member. I did eventually get my own prosumer-grade camera but it was mostly for shooting wedding videos and zero budget documentary work.

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David Jordan

February 13, 2017 at 7:42AM

Pretty much what the above said, do start one! And as for equipment, if your school won't spend any money on ye, then I'd suggest using your phones, always remember, story is KING.

February 13, 2017 at 2:26PM

Alan Power

I would absolutely go for it! From my experience with creating a film club in a high school, and just working with people in general, there will be people that are super invested in film and understand what it takes to create a finished work, and there are people that just wanna make movies and aren't particularly interested in the process. These people are a pain in the ass, so what I would recommend establishing to the group that there is a good deal of involvement and required to remain a member of the club. Dedicated filmmakers will understand this but it will give you the opportunity to weed out the people that will slow you down (you don't have to be brutal, they'll be running for the door pretty quickly if you make it clear how much work it takes). As long as you don't get lack of technical skill mixed up with lack of interest, you will be able to narrow down your club to other talented filmmakers, and dedicated people that are ready and willing to learn.

February 14, 2017 at 4:24PM


You should! and to for equipment, do some odd jobs and get some 2nd hand gear and get to it. I wish I was thinking this way when I was in high school... I'd be on a damn island gazing at the stars with millions in the bank.

February 14, 2017 at 11:45PM

Wentworth Kelly
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