May 29, 2018 at 2:32PM


Small production TV Commercial, Insurance?


I'm running a small production, a TV commercial shoot, for a local car dealership (budget >$5k, 2 person crew including me). The dealership is NOT requesting insurance of me, but I think it's a safe thing to do. We'll be taking a couple of their cars out on the road for a portion of the shoot.

My insurance agent who I have cover my camera equipment informed me they do not cover video production / commercial shoots.

So, I reached out to an insurance company who specializes in video productions. The quote I got back was way too much for the production (~$2.5k).

My question is, are there any other, cheaper, serviceable options out there that the forum can recommend?

Will a Release and Waiver of Liability signed by the Dealership suffice in covering me from a legal aspect?

Couples notes: I don't do enough freelance work throughout the year to warrant getting year-round coverage. And I'm based out of California.

Interested in getting peoples' insight and what they would do in my shoes.

Thanks in advance,

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