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Sony A6300 or Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4k ?

Hi so I've been planning on buying a camera for a minute now and I am close to doing it finally, I have 2 cameras in mind as I'll want to venture into music Videos, travel videos (sometimes) and a bit of documentary work. I've always lusted on the a6300 but the introduction of the Blackmagic pocket cinema 4k got me in a bit of a frenzy and I am actually considering it, I do consider that I won't have photography options and the extra dollars as well . As for lens options I am going with vintage lenses for a start and thats for both because I am moving from canon which is not being friendly at all lol.. What's your take on the two?


I think if you're mainly doing music video and doc work, i would recommend the GH5. I think it's more versatile than these two cameras. I don't think either of these cameras are good for docs. Especially since both are missing IBIS. The only issue you might have with the GH5 is it's no the best low light camera.

Now if you want to get into efx, color grading, and other post stuff, I would go with the BMPCC4K because it comes with Resolve Studio. Before you use a camera like BMPCC4K you have to make sure your camera can handle the files it outputs. High bitrate 4K files can be a pain if you have never worked with them before. You might need to figure a proxy workflow if you're computer can't handle them.

September 24, 2018 at 10:38AM

Alex Alva

i had gh5, ursa minipro, my suggest is to go to pocket4k, forget gh5 and IBIS which is great with vintage and fixed focal lenses, but you have to deal with highly compressed h264. my notebook work fine with 4.6k of ursa mini pro, but not be able to reproduce fluently the 4k of gh5, many people miss that an highly compressed video h264 need more resource then a prores from a pro camera.
pro pocket vs gh5?
- better quality recording from raw to prores proxy which is ever better then compressed h264/h265 of gh5
- less crop, pocket4k have m4/3 mount but a 4/3 sensor, your vintage lenses have more room of shooting
- better low light sensor (like gh5s) with dual iso recorded in better quality that mean better noise reduction if you need
- recording on sd, cf or by usb 3.1 on external ssd, against only sd for gh5, and if you want to record 400mbits on gh5 the cost of sd is stellar against a prores 4:2:2 that you can record on simple 95mbits card on pocket4k.
- log more confortable then vlog of panasonic (i use resolve from 5 years, and i prefer so long bmd log then a vlog where you need to expose carefully and color correct carefully to have all dinamic range

gh5 vs pocket?
- ibis is confortable with vintage lenses, but often a good gimbal is better (i had both and during video i prefer gimbal then ibis, when i shoot photo obviously i thanks god that exist IBIS).
- dual recording card at same time
- articolated monitor (sometimes is very useful)
as i can i will buy pocket to complete my setup with dslr style camera, but real video / cinema camera like pocket 4k.

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Carlo Macchiavello

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