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What to buy? Sony A7s with Atomos Assasin or Sony A7s Mark2?

Hi folks,
Since both setups are in the same price catergory
I struggle with the choice of the camera. The Sony A7s Mark 1 with the Ninja Assasin recorder versus Sony A7s mark 2. Does someone has realworld experience? How is the handeling and which setup does work the best? (Terms of battery / life and overall use).


I have an A7S and A7R II. Although I'm not a videographer, my choice (solely for convenience) would be the A7S II. I find the A7R II great for 4K video capture and couldn't see myself lugging around a recorder simply to use the A7S in the same capacity.

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I had the same questions few month ago and decided to go with A7s MarkII since it provides better flexibility with Internal 4K recording and optical stabilization. Also 1080p120 is great to have (vs 1080p60 in Sony a7s).

Not disapointed with my choice as of yet. Here is the example of what I shot few weeks ago in Las Vegas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y4R3A0nrh0

External recorder still makes sence and I'm thinking to buy in the future to improve picture quality but I like not to be always attached to it.

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I own an a7s and an Assasin. I would recommend the a7s II and an assassin.
The a7s II has some upgrades that I think are worth the purchase, though I would still want the monitoring and Pro Res output over the internal 4k of the a7s II.

January 28, 2016 at 10:33PM

Robert Sawyer

mark 2 is better
save some money and go with the sony 6300

February 4, 2016 at 10:50PM

forest erwin

Totally agree. A6300 = same specs, better 24mb photos, smaller and 1/3rd of price. WTF!
Only thing is that a7sii is the king of low light + full frame

Rupert S

July 8, 2016 at 8:11PM

There is not that big difference between a7s and a7s2 exept the internal 4k
Otherwise nothing... and I am saying that from experience.
Downside of both camera's
1. Stop filming after 29 minutes
2. Recording is on 420
3. Chances to overheat.
I have the a7s and Iwant it to trade it again'st a7s2. Wrong...
Instead I got an assassin atomos ouputing 4k from hdmi 422 proress HQ which it means better color to my footage which it also means the camera is on but sort of standby when the atomos recording 422 proress HQ better colors and most of all, no pausing after 29 minutes of internal recording and yet, no overheating issues. Yes, I have found that connecting an atomos it is more work maybe 10 minutes but yet your back to your post with a better footage and no pause issues during filming.
With the saving that I got for the 7s2 I spend it on a7r2 better camera on dynamic range on super 35 4k there on the a7s2 your are limited.
If I need low light camera if it is ctucial I take the a7s with atomos otherwise I take the a7r2 on normal lighting condition recorded on atomos 422 HQ proress the footage is gorgeous... I don' t fell sorry for my choice to the contrairy I feel happy because I made a smart choice...
Good luck


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