August 11, 2017 at 3:29PM, Edited August 11, 3:30PM


Sony FS700 + Atomos Shogun Flame = 240fps?

Hey all! Random question that I'm hoping someone else has run into and can shed some light on.

I recently filmed 240fps HD in-camera with the FS700 while my Atomos Shogun Flame was attached, not realizing that it would simultaneously record to the Shogun Flame at 60fps. (Since the Shogun Flame doesn't record HFR above 60fps.) When I pull the video into my NLE I can conform it to the same duration as the video from my camera but the top of the frame has a subtle jitter to it.

Has anyone else recorded slow-motion higher than 60fps into the Shogun Flame and found it useable (aside from the jitter)?

The file size from the Shogun Flame is definitely larger than the internal file from the FS700, but I can't quite tell which is better image quality when looking at it.

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