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Stacking Lensturbo + thin aluminium adapter

Hi! I bought a GH2 and my plan is getting a Lensturbo to adapt Nikkor lenses and start a collection. My question is: Can I stack a M42 to Nikkor straight adapter into the lensturbo to use my M42 glass while I'm saving up for those Nikkor lenses? Thanks and have a nice day!


I also own a couple GH2s which I purchased about 4 months ago... I love them, they're great little cameras. I mainly have Canon FD lenses from an old Canon AL-1 film camera. I decided I would purchase a generic speed booster (Neewer FD to MFT) to adapt the old FD lenses onto the GH2's body.

Then after some lens shopping, I decided that I had to own the Helios 44-2, 58mm f2 (which is a M42 mount lens). To use this lens on my GH2, I also needed to purchase a standard M42 to MFT adapter. After using a standard adapter I ended up realizing that the adapter basically doubled the lens from a 58mm to a 116mm, but then I thought of an idea. I purchased an M42 to FD adapter which then allowed me to mount the M42 Helios lens to my FD speed booster. The lens ends up being roughly 84mm with the FD speed booster.

It works really well except for the fact that the lens focuses way past infinity starting at about the 4 meters marking on the lens. This is the only problem that I have noticed while using a standard adapter on my focal reducer (speedbooster). I believe it only will affect your close up focus meaning that I think you will not be able to focus on objects that are super close to the camera (like you would be able to with just a standard adapter). For me, this is not that big of a problem because I have other lenses that can get good close up shots anyway.

The lens seems rather stable when it is mounted onto the two different adapters, but it all depends on what kind of adapters you end up purchasing. I have another lens that ended up needing 3 adapters to use on the GH2. When mounted, this lens does not wiggle or anything like that. It is a lot sturdier and stronger than I expected it to be. Before you purchase your adapter, make sure that you will be able to easily take it off the lens with your fingers. While doing some research I read that super thin adapters have a tendency to get stuck on the lens itself and will not come off very easily (like cutting the adapter off).

With that being said, I would highly suggest you try adapting the lenses onto the focal reducer because adapters are usually not all that expensive and, by doing so, you'll increase the ability of each lens you own. If it does not work out or you end up not liking it for whatever reason, you could always just purchase another standard adapter that will mount the M42 lens on the MFT. My focal reducer cost me roughly $100 and then the adapter to mount M42 lens on the focal reducer only cost me $10.

Hope this helps out a bit!

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Grant Smith
Aspiring Filmmaker

Thank you really much Grant, that was what I was looking for! The thing is I alredy have an helios and a mir, but I want to invest on Nikon glass, so I would buy the lens turbo for nikon glass! Greetings!

April 9, 2016 at 12:33PM


You're welcome! Glad to help:)

Grant Smith

April 11, 2016 at 12:42PM

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