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Transition from a company name to my own name?

I’ve been making films under the name ‘TouchType Films’ for the last few years. When I created the name, I thought I would be working directly with businesses, creating corporate films for them. TouchType Films sounded like a good fit for that type of work. Fast forward two years and it turns out the work I’m doing is very different to what I imagined. I’m making a lot of docs for arts organisations and also creating my own original content. I’m a one man band and everyone who works with me knows this. I’m also branching out, finding work in other disciplines like photography and writing. My question is; should I keep the TouchType Film name or transition to trading under my own name? I think using my own name will highlight the one to one experience they will get by hiring me. I also think TouchType Films sounds too corporate now. What do you guys think? Does it even matter?


I read this blog from time to time and saw your post. I might be able to give you some input to this.
This post maybe going to be full of errors in spelling, since I am here with three kids in a park and dictating in my phone so be aware of this. ;-)

I'm currently in the same situation, I had a kind of fake brand-name and have to cited to transition to my real name.
I can give you some of The factors that led to this decision.
First and foremost my brand name wasn't that good and it didn't apply to the work that I do now, and that's the problem with most brand names that you are bound to the stuff communicated in the front name. In my case it was compositing which I rarely do at the moment and actually don't have interest in doing.

The other thing was I wasn't a proper company it was just a name I communicated and which caused some confusion's on the client side.
So if you are a proper company you could do it otherwise I would recommend it to ditch the name and just go with your real name.
And the most important factor was after speaking with the clients about this issue, I found that all the qualities that made me valuable for them, had nothing to do with my brand.

Things like they wear happy that I was the only contact person they had to do with that and of course the stuff like delivering on time in the expected quality and beyond and so on. Also what came up was that they liked working with me because of my character and how I deal with problems and so on. Just be nice honest and things will go well.
All the stuff is tied to you as a person not to a brand
A brand-name is not memorable but after being in contact with some person one or two times they will know your name and if you do it right they will remember.

All in all for me it's better to go with my real name because the reputation I have is tied to my person and not to the brand.

For me, it was extremely valuable to talk to my clients . Just pick to you have a good relationship with and tell them what you about to do and how they're thinking about this and how it would affect them in the communications got that proces. Just pick to you have a good relationship with and tell them what you about to do and how they're thinking about this and how it would affect them in the communications process.

This house it is maybe a bit unstructured but I really hope it helps you.
All the best,

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