October 19, 2017 at 11:38AM


URSA Mini 4.6K Requirements

Hello Everyone,

I have finally decided to purchase my first Cinema camera, and have decided on the URSA 4.6K (Normal). I know it seems to be a popular camera for under the 10,000 range. I was curious to hear from the users what I need to make this work for a run and gun shooting style. As in, necessities to make this shoot. I understand I need batteries, battery plate, cards, battery charger, and shotgun MIC. What I am unsure are the brands. The batteries do not matter to me, I just need them to turn the camera on. The cards do, I want to shoot 4.6K RAW in 60fps and I would like a card that can handle that. The MIC I would like something that is middle of the line. I need to purchase a new glidecam as well ( anyone looking to sell ), and so deciding on HD 4000 or Devin Graham. Let me know your thoughts and of course, I appreciate all of your help as if I make the wrong decision it will cost me here.

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I just made an upgrade to the UMP 4.6k not too long ago; I decided on the Sandisk Cfast card which has worked wonderfully so far. I have two of the CameTV Vmount batteries which have performed just fine and recently bought into Blueshape which works great as well. For audio I'm using a Rode NTG 2 / AT8035 mounted with a Noga Cine Arm on top of the camera for quick up close interview / dialog. If I could pick a glidecam I'd go DG all the way. Hope this helps!

October 22, 2017 at 6:30PM

Andrew Robinson

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