January 10, 2017 at 12:45PM, Edited January 10, 12:46PM


Using The Sony A7S In-Camera Exposure Meter

If you are shooting with the A7S and are using one of the Picture Profiles such as Cine 1-4 or S-Log, does the in-camera Exposure Meter, that is, the one that goes from -2 to 2+ on the LCD screen, or -5 to 5+ through the view finder, does that automatically take the Picture Profile into account and set the 0 point at the appropriate middle gray point? In other words, if you were trying to assess "proper" exposure with an 18% gray card and were shooting with a Cine 1 gamma in the Picture Profile, would the camera's exposure meter place 0 or proper exposure of middle gray where it is supposed to be with that gamma curve @ around 33%.

Any and all responses appreciated.

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