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Video Storage for High School Video Production Class

Need some input into a new Video Production class that I will be teaching for 120 high schools.

The school is purchasing 40 new iMacs at the start of school. We will be working in Adobe Premiere and iMovie.

The goal is to: 1) Teach basic editing, 2) Film and archive events through out the year, used in various recruiting efforts, and 3) Creating a High School video news broadcast (2 - 3 per month, approx. 10 minutes).

The students learning edit will need real time access to their video files. Will need offload storage for all the filming and access to that and b-roll for the students editing the broadcast.

Looking for storage solutions.

Up to this point, it has only been me, myself and I. Now I'm involving 120 students every year.


You should get a small server for your classroom if the school doesn't have a server you can use.
I would recommend using synology. They have decently priced systems that are incredibly easy to setup and use.
Something like this would be good enough.

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Alex Alva

Andrew's idea would work well. I would hope for a spare server that the system may already have. Not sure what your plan for organization will be but with students expect it to not be followed very well. I would try and keep the server access limited to few trusted students or just yourself and IT. Possibly only keeping finished videos on it, or consistently purging the raw footage once a project is wrapped. Just my two cents from experience, the space will go faster than you think.

Kyle Acker

July 28, 2017 at 8:53AM

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