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What Are Some Good Crowdfunding Marketing Services?

What are some crowdfunding marketing services that are good to use for when crowdfunding a film project? I heard of Crowd Buzz but I also read and saw some bad reviews on it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any other good crowdfunding marketing services that were good to use when creating a crowdfunding campaign.

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Hi, Larry.

The main thing to understand about a crowdfunding campaign is that it's essentially an online marketing campaign.

So, your campaign should have several essential elements:

1. Enticing direct mail-style ad copy that describes your film and details the background of your cast and crew
2. A great trailer
3. A video-based pitch in which you and your cast and crew speak to potential funders
4. Several tiers of prizes corresponding to different levels of funding
5. Photos of your prizes
6. Constant updates to your crowdfunding page
7. A public relations campaign that includes professional press release distribution, pitches to the news media, and possibly a video news release

Keep in mind that crowdfunding requires a massive amount of work. It's not enough to simply start a page on You must drive qualified traffic to that page.

I'm a trained filmmaker who also specializes in marketing. So, I can tell you from years of experience that marketing requires constant work.

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