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What camera is best for me?

I'm looking at upgrading my Eos 70D for a better camera. I shoot a lot of low light events such as horse shows, my 70D is great but when it's a little dark the photos become very noisy past ISO400.
I was looking at maybe the Sony a7s for its low light capabilities. However, it has a low megapixel count so the photos probably won't print very well when people buy the photos.
My budget is up to £2,000 (preferably less as I will most likely need new lenses)
What can people recommend?

Thank you!! :)

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Don't worry so much about the pixel count. I'll repeat what I've said elsewhere, that 2K movies (2048 x 1080) are shown on 10M high screens without a problem. Your proposed Sony (4240 x 2832) will have no problem. I am much more concerned with dynamic range, moire and color accuracy than pixel count. In fact, my old 6MP camera had a much better picture than the 20MP camera that took its place because more pixels means smaller pixels. Smaller pixels means less light gathering and more noise.

October 24, 2016 at 1:03PM


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