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Why Can't I Burn a High Quality DVD?

Hello. I need help as a very new self-taught filmmaker. I've created a 90 minute documentary using a Nikon D3200 and have done all the editing myself in Final Cut Pro X. I plan to release the film through Vimeo On Demand, and the HD Film and quality there looks great across all devices. In order to potentially screen in a theatre (such as at a film festival or community theatre screening), I need to be able to burn the film in high quality HD to a disc. However, burning to a DVD (I'm using iDVD currently) seems to degrade the quality by a material amount. Without going to a DCP package, what is the best way to get my film on a disc so that I can feel confident in the quality for either theatre screenings or in-home DVD viewing (if customers were to purchase a DVD vs. stream)? Please help! Thank you!


Hey Thi,

personally I always use Adobe Encore to burn my video's to DVD. It's very easy to use, and I have never experienced any quality loss. One YouTube tutorial is probably enough for you to understand the software, so maybe you could try that out. I must say I'm not an expert on burning DVD's, but at least this is how I do it.

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I am assuming that you know that the DVD format does not support HD footage. Yes ?

The largest display resolution that DVD supports is DVD Wide which is 480x854 pixels encoded using non-square pixels.

So likely you will want to export your final edit at more than one resolution. ( i.e. DVD Wide format, 720p and 1080p Blu-ray format, etc... )

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