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Worried about ditching my EM5 for handheld video

Hi all,

I have a youtube channel where I document my life on board my boat, as well as the places I visit and the people I meet. 99.9% of the stuff I shoot is hand-held and my OM-D EM5 Mk 1 is fantastic with the in-camera IS. The Zuiko 12mm is almost always on the camera but I think I need a zoom to capture the odd nature stuff from the boat (birds, whales etc). Really, though, most of the stuff is me walking through towns and markets, voxpops and then stuff on a moving boat. I've ordered a monopod but I'm yet to be convinced of its usefulness in my particular environment (pulling lines to get sails out with one hand and the EM5 in the other).

Because I'm getting more into videoing and post-production the EM5 is fairly restricted (no flat output, AF affects light balance in changing environments, 30fps only, no external audio jack) so I'm looking to upgrade to something else.

My main concern, and something that is never discussed in any of the forums I've come across, is image stability. I used to own a 5Dii before I was into film and the small bits of footage I took on the streets were awful. I had to warp stabilize every shot. They were unusable.

Assuming my budget is £1500 tops (not including trading in the EM5 and a couple of the lenses), the obvious answer is the GH4. BUT... there is no IS in the GH4, only in the lenses, so I'd have to buy into a Panny lens as well. Since I have the 12mm, the 14mm, 17mm and 20mm Panny are surplus to requirements, so I can put these towards other kit.

I have been looking at palmcorders but I do like the discreteness of the EM5. Palmcorders, however, are stabilised and are built for the job in hand. They'd need to be weather proofed. Something like the Sony HXR NX70.

Someone suggested the RX10 Mk ii since it records 4K (not essential but nice to have) and is cheap for what you get. Another option is to get the EM5 Mkii, which gets round some of the other problems.

So, a bit confused at the moment. I guess my main question is:

- would I find the lack of IS on the GH4 frustrating?

And then:

- what recommendations have I overlooked?

Thanks for any input/pointers/video examples


If you like the handling of the EM-5, then I think the EM-5 Mk2 is probably your best bet.

Eventually there will be an EM-1 Mk2, that will probably be your best option, but I have no idea when this camera is going to come out. ( rumors make it sound like it will be this year )

July 7, 2015 at 4:07PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Hi Guy, thanks for the comment (which I've only just picked up). I guess sticking to the m43 makes sense since I have a number of lenses already. I'm just wanting a camera that shoots a flat format that allows some pp colour correction and will also shoot 4K. Maybe I'm trying to jump the gun too early and maybe the EM-1 Mk2 will be the next camera to move up to. That said, I've just read the spec on the Sony A7r II and that's pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. Just a little bit outside my price bracket.

July 12, 2015 at 10:58PM

Jamie Demon
Adventurer, sailor, traveler

NewsShooter.com has the first hands on article of the new Sony A7R II. Looks quite good.


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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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