September 29, 2016 at 10:36AM


Zhiyun Crane or Ronin M

should i go for zhiyun crane or ronin m ?
my friend gonna sell used ronin m for $1110
or i better go for BNIB zhiyun crane ?
im so confused..
because i think ronin is to big then zhiyun..
how about the result guys ? is it even closer ?

im using a7s and sony 16-35mm


Would say go with the Ronin. It's easyer to carry for long term than the other one. Also it's battery might last much longer. And it can carry cameras up to the size of a C100 Mk II.

September 30, 2016 at 1:03AM

Eric Halbherr
Director, DP, Editor, Creative Storyteller

Personally, I feel they are two different classes of gimbals...

Small "Personal" Gimbals: Zhiyun Crane, Came-Optimus, PilotFly H1/2, etc.
- Pros: Cheaper, light weight…
- Cons: Small payload, can only take shorter setups…

Small-Sized Production Gimbals: RONIN M/MX, MOVI M5, Defy, etc.
- Pros: Can add peripheral gear, longer camera setups, can be easily mounted to JIBs, Cable-Cams, and Drones…
- Cons: Double-handed operation, cost…

The third class, at least in my mind, would be the "Full-sized Production Gimbals" (RONIN, MOVI M15, ACR Beast, etc). These gimbals are designed for a full-blown production and are probably best used with assistance.

I personally own the Zhiyun and I truly enjoy working with it. If your looking for a budget friendly, ultra portable gimbal to mount your smaller camera(s), then this is a good option. Weight wise, it should be able to handle A7s and 16-35. My concern would be length of your setup. Too long and you won’t be able to balance it correctly (I couldn’t get a GH4 and Sigma 18-35 to work since it was to long, I couldn’t get camera back enough to get good balance). The one thing I would say about the Zhiyun, is to take the time to learn how to properly balance it. This goes a long want to removing extra "jitters". Paired w/ a lens w/ OIS, and you have a very smooth system. It has a 1/4 screw mount beneath handle which I've found useful (I've attached a monopod for added stability and for getting high angle shots).

However, if you want more features (want to mount an external monitor, audio, remote Follow Focus, etc) and be able to handle longer camera setups but don't want or need the "big-boy" gimbals, then the RONIN M is a good option. I don't have too much personal experience w/ the RONIN M, more with the full-size RONIN, but apart from a smaller payload, I assume they offer similar performance. I personally would look at the RONIN MX at this class and price-point.

Hope it all works out!

September 30, 2016 at 7:44AM, Edited September 30, 7:45AM

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