Brian Osmond has been working in Hollywood for over 30 years. His list of credits is huge, from starting as a camera trainee on The Silence of the Lambsand then hopping on big Netflix projects like The Haunting of Hill House, and eventually Mindhunter, then recently Mank, as camera and Steadicam operator.

He was A camera operator on Mank and was thanked in DP Erik Messerschmidt's Oscar acceptance speech.

In a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Osmond offered some insight about working as a big-time camera operator.

One thing to note is that he works on Hollywood productions, but usually stays local to Pennsylvania and works on film and TV projects that come through. He is able to distinguish himself in a relatively small market.

“There’s some really good filmmaking-type people [in Pittsburgh],” Osmond said to the Post-Gazette. “The different technicians, artists—it’s a small market. You’re not going to find 100 camera people here. But in all departments, we have a number of really wonderful technicians, artists, actors and so on that contribute to Oscars.”

The advice here? Become an expert, wherever you are, and you might be the most in-demand in your field.

Brian-osmond-gary-oldman-mank-1621848332Credit: Nikolai Loveikis

You also have to learn to collaborate, since the camera operator is a key position on set.

“You’re a funnel,” Osmond said. “You have this whole world in front of you and this whole scene, and it’s going to funnel into that little lens.”

Finally, is Fincher as much of a genius as we all think he is?

Osmond confirmed it was true as soon as he started working on Mindhunter.

“That show is a defining moment in my operating career, because that exposed me to David Fincher, who I think is a filmmaking genius,” he told the Post-Gazette. “It was a level of quality and filmmaking I hadn’t quite experienced.”

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette