V-Link is an audio cable from Deity that adds versatility to your toolkit. If you own microphones with a 3.5mm connection, the cable allows you to plug them into mixers, recorders, or cameras with an XLR input. Better yet, V-Link converts 24V or 48V phantom power to 3V or 5V plug-in power for 3.5mm TRS connections. 

The cable is super helpful when shooting with cameras that only provide XLR inputs. With V-Link, connecting a 3.5mm to the XLR input of a camera is easy, and you can still take full advantage of the camera's gain control knobs to adjust the audio. 

V-Link can also be a solution for some mirrorless cameras where you generally have to go into the menu settings to adjust audio levels. Say you're using the Sony a7S III with the XLR-K3M audio adapter, you can use V-Link to adapt the microphone to one of its XLR inputs for quick level adjustments. It is worth noting the XLR-K3M does have a single 3.5mm jacks to adjust levels via a gain control knob, but if you're connecting multiple audio sources, like an on-camera mic and wireless system, V-Link adds that versatility. 

Deity previously came out with the D-XLR adapter that performs the same functionality. However, with V-Link, you don't need to purchase additional cables. Plus, the 12" coiled cable and right-angle adapters make for a clean setup. If you need a longer run, you can easily add an extension. Besides Deity video microphones, V-Link can be paired with RØDE, Shure, and Sennheiser microphones as well.

The Deity V-Link is priced at $34 and is available now. 

Source: Deity