Today the official James Bond Twitter account released our first glimpse into the filming of untitled "Bond 25" with Daniel Craig returning as 007 and Cary Fukunaga (True Detective, Maniac) directing.

After much speculation, and even a leaked photo, this behind the scenes footage confirms that "Bond 25" is being filmed on 35mm Panavision cameras. Director of Photography Linus Sandgren and Fukunaga have a history of taking full advantage of film as a medium, and from what little we've seen, it appears this is no exception.

Check out the BTS footage below:

The footage does not reveal much regarding the plot of the highly anticipated next installment of the James Bond franchise, but it does convey a strong sense of tone. The high-contrast, lush color palette seems to be heavily inspired by filming on location in the Caribbean. Evidence of filming on 35mm, including light bloom, slight lens flare, and capturing natural textures are all highlighted in the behind the scenes sneak peek.

Panavision Camera on set of Bond 25Credit:

Bond25 Action ShotCredit:

The behind the scenes also captures Daniel Craig careening around a crowded street corner in an open-top vehicle, all captured by a Panavision camera secured via a hostess tray and support rig. This close, in-the-action shooting style seems consistent with Fukunaga and Sandgren's previous work and from what little we have seen, should pair well with the Daniel Craig's portrayal of a grittier, more human Bond. 

An earlier tweet from the James Bond account also confirms the use of IMAX cameras for special sequences:

We can't wait to see the IMAX footage. Could the explosion at the end of the footage be an indication of what's to come in 70mm? 

"Bond 25" starring Daniel Craig as James Bond 007, Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter, and Lashana Lynch as new character Nomi is set for an April 2020 release.

Source: James Bond 007