In this episode, we talk about...

  • How toxic fandom has become incredibly common on the internet.
  • Director Alan Taylor losing the will to direct due to the toxic fandom he has to deal with.
  • Why it's good that more big-name people call out online harassment and cyber-bullying.
  • The ways that what people say online can be taken very personally and affect creators’ mental health.
  • How Quentin Tarantino is still carrying anger toward his mother about a comment she made early in his career.
  • Whether or not Tarantino’s viral comments should be surprising.
  • The role of cults of personality in the film industry.
  • Advances in 3D modeling, including phone apps you can use to scan 3D objects using LiDAR sensors.
  • Introducing a new segment designed just for the gig economy—Good Deal/Bad Deal.
  • Ideas for how to make a bad deal better (it’s not what you think) and examples of times you might want to take a bad deal.

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