Lighting with apps is increasingly becoming more relevant to filmmakers. While "app control" felt like a marketing gimmick when it first came out, we're starting to see real applications from a variety of companies. To that end, the Los Angeles-based company, Hive, has completely redesigned their app from scratch to be more intuitive and powerful than before.

While longtime users may be frustrated to learn that some features they previously paid for, like special effects, are now free, Hive  has thought about those loyal users and has a special reward in store for them. 


The new Hive Shot App controls all hive lighting units, including the Honey Mirror, our favorite niche product. If you've ever been frustrated by how different make-up looks under a florescent make-up mirror -- compared to your scene lighting -- the Honey Mirror lets you match your make-up table to your set, which is amazing. But it also controls the rest of the Wasp line of punchy LEDs and lets you use those units to match whatever you want. 

With a variety of pre-built colors -- including moonlight, daylight, candlelight, and firelight -- along with a host of built-in gels for those more familiar with working with traditional gelled lights, the shot app should make it easy for any users to dial in the color they need.  Or to build your own, like "Dodger blue," for your own needs, and save it for future use.


Special effects are now entirely built into the app and are no longer a paid upgrade, which means TV, lighting, cop car, and fireworks are now a native part of the app. This makes sense, since this is a feature many competitors are already natively building into their free apps (or even in the head unit themselves). But what about users who had paid for those original extra features in the old version of the app that are all now free? Hive hasn't forgotten about you and your support. Send your receipt to Hive and Hive will send you a free T-shirt.


Available for both Android and iOs. Check out the wide variety of Hive lights available and head to the Hive Site for more info.

  • RGB, Kelvin and green +/- color sliders
  • Pre-built effects including cop car, lighting
  • Emulate a wide variety of known sources such as candlelight, moonlight, and more.