Last year, Netflix outbid the competition for a movie called Red Notice, starring the Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the movie is now holding the title of the largest opening debut streaming numbers for any Netflix movie. 

Ryan Reynolds mentioned this on his Instagram, and the sentiment was echoed by the other stars. In over 190 countries, Red Notice was king. 

While Netflix has not released any official numbers, you can assume the viewership is in the tens of millions. We know Netflix counts streams across the first month, so we'll keep tabs on this story as it develops. 

This is another feather in Netflix's cap as well. While they put Red Notice in theaters a week prior, the obvious move here was to show people that three of the biggest stars in Hollywood were okay being the talk of the town thanks to their work on the streaming platform, and not at the box office.

With a $200 million budget, it's safe to assume they were all paid handsomely, but I wonder if this is indicative of Netflix's expanding strategy to get huge stars and create vehicles that people click on immediately to watch. 

In the battle of the streamers, stars are the most important part, even more important than the movies they're in. And Netflix is ahead of everyone grabbing international talents who apparently are also traveling quite well. 

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