Gone are the days of the simple "cut to" when it comes to eye-catching YouTube and social media videos. Even big-name companies are investing in robotic infused advertisements to separate their brands from the competition.

Since many of us won't have the luxury of renting a motion-controlled robotic arm to shoot the next Kendrick Lamar video and instead will rely on alternative techniques to hack the same look, any free post-production packs that we can find to broaden creativity and simplify workflow are always welcomed. 

The team over at The Resolve Store just released a free 10-pack of transitions that are compatible with DaVinci Resolve 16.2 and above. 

The 10 free transitions go beyond the classic crossfades and dissolves to include a single variation of Camera Shake, Glitch, Lens Distortion, Pan, Push, Spin, Swirl, Whip, Film Roll, and Zoom transitions. Each transition is compatible with any resolution or frame rate, including 120p, and can be customized in duration like many existing transitions.  

The pack is meant to save you time in post, and the transitions can be easily installed in DaVinci Resolve simply by copying them into the Resolve transition folder. 

The Resolve Store isn't the only group out there offering free transition packs. There are plenty of others, including MrAlexTech, who has a free pack for Resolve 16.2 and above and for version 16.0 of Resolve. He even links out to a free 150 sound effects whoosh pack

You can download the free pack from The Resolve Store here

Do you have any free favorite packs? Share them with the community in the comments section.