There's been a lot of talk about NFTs and Hollywood lately. We've seen bitcoin tokens exchanged to fund projects and NFTs created by people like David Lynch to sell different works. Now Quentin Tarantino is stepping into the ring. He has announced he’s putting seven uncut scenes from Pulp Fiction up for auction. 

As a reminder, NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership of virtual items specially marked to prove authenticity. 

In a statement, Tarantino said, “I’m excited to be presenting these exclusive scenes from Pulp Fiction to fans. Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

The press release expands on what actually is being auctioned off.

“The secret content itself is one-of-a-kind, has never been seen or heard before, and will include the uncut first handwritten scripts of Pulp Fiction and exclusive custom commentary from Tarantino, revealing secrets about the film and its creator. The public metadata of the NFT—the ‘front cover’ of this exclusive content—is rare in its own right: a unique, never-before-seen, public-facing work of art.”

Tarantino has always been interested in building around the worlds of his characters, whether adding in Red Apple Cigarettes or expanding upon them in a novelization. This NFT rollout is the first time it seems like he's gone back into a project to show the behind-the-scenes stuff and even to show things that didn't make it on screen. 

The website for the NFTs has a statement, too.

"Quentin Tarantino is arguably the greatest screenwriter, director, author and filmmaker of all time. The collection holds secrets from Pulp Fiction, one of the most influencing artworks of the ’90s. Each NFT contains one or more previously unknown secrets of a specific iconic scene from Pulp Fiction. The privileged person who will purchase one of these few and rare NFTs will get a hold of those secrets and a glimpse into the mind and the creative process of Quentin Tarantino."

Whoever buys these NFTs could potentially keep them secret forever, or might share them with the film community hungry for Tarantino content.

We'll try to track how much people pay for this kind of access. What do you think?

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