Wooden Camera has announced a full range of accessories designed specifically to give users of Sony's new $11,000 6K beast, the FX9, more on-camera mounting options and functionality.

Available in kits or à la carte, these new accessories from Wooden Camera include a top plate, unified baseplate, battery slide for V-mount and Gold mount, UVF mount, and more.

The Accessory Kits come in three flavors, Base, Advanced, and Pro, all of which include the top plate and unified baseplate. More accessories are added to higher-tiered kits, including a NATO Handle Plus V2 kit, 15mm rods, and a safety dovetail (8" or 12" depending on the kit).

To give FX9 users more power options, Wooden Camera's new Battery Slide Pro attaches to the top of the camera (no rods required) to give you access to the internal battery compartment, which makes hot swapping between internal batteries and the power plate possible. The Battery Slide Pro comes in both V-mount and Gold mount.


Here's a quick pricing breakdown for each of the new accessories and kits:

  • Top Plate (Sony FX9): $299
  • Unified Baseplate (Sony FX9): $499
  • Sony FX9 Unified Accessory Kit (Base): $1,038
  • Sony FX9 Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced): $1,248
  • Sony FX9 Unified Accessory Kit (Pro): $1,757
  • Battery Slide Pro V-Mount (Sony FX9): $450
  • Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount (Sony FX9): $450

Most of these items are now shipping.

Head on over to Wooden Camera to learn more.