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How to fix a noisy MacBook Pro fan

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My three year-old MacBook Pro recently started emitting a constant racket from its left fan (which sounds something like this). Most people will tell you you need a new fan for $50, but I decided to try to fix it instead, and so far (it’s been two weeks nine months), the repair has worked great. As any google or youtube search for “noisy macbook pro fan” produces thousands of results, I hope this saves someone fifty of their hard-earned bucks.

You’ll need a couple of tools to perform this operation, but you would need these same tools to install a replacement fan as well, so you’re still saving fifty bucks (or more, if you were going to take it in to be repaired). They should total up to less than $15:

You also might want to get some compressed air to clean out the dusty innards of your machine (I added one to my order just to make it to the $25 free shipping mark at Amazon, and it ended up being quite handy).

As reported in the comments below, this repair works on both 15″ and 17″ versions, going back to 2006 and including the newer “unibody” models (unibody disassembly instructions are slightly different, but the repair requires the exact same set of tools). UPDATE: the new MacBook Pros introduced in April 2010 drop the Torx screws for Triwing screws; you’ll need a Triwing screwdriver to complete the repair.

The first step is to disassemble the laptop, for which you’ll need the aforementioned T6 Torx and Phillips screwdriver; it’s best to print and follow these instructions. This undertaking is categorized by iFixit as “difficult” — and while I would downgrade that rating to “easy if you’re coordinated,” you may want to go a different route if you’re not comfortable with the idea of your laptop looking like the one at left.

After you’ve extracted the fan from the Mac’s innards, the fan assembly comes apart quite easily (by undoing two Phillips screws), into three pieces. The inside of the fan assembly (illustrated in the brilliant photo below) is the noise culprit — it just needs to be cleaned and lubed.

Get rid of any debris using a lint-free cloth. Then, apply some some WD-40 to the axle (illustrated by the subtle red arrow). I applied a bit to the axle, reassembled the fan, and everything went back together, quietly.

After reassembling the laptop (follow the directions in reverse), use the app smcFanControl to ramp up your fans to full speed for 30 seconds or so, and when you drop them back down to normal RPMs, the lubricant should have set. The Mac once again operates as it should, silently. Problem solved!


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  • I clean the dust around the fan but the noise is still there. I’ll try to disassemble the fan as your advice next time. thanks.

  • This worked great! I cleaned and lubed the spindle and vacuumed the vents out. Thank you for the tip!

  • Raise the roof!

    Thanks a million for taking the time to do this. I am about to try it.

  • Hey, has the noise come back at all since the repair?

  • Awesome tip, fixed my noise and wasn’t that hard to do.

  • It worked great! I couldn’t stand my incredibly loud fans anymore and this did the trick! Saved me 100$ in ordering new fans. I used a spray called jigaloo instead of WD40 since it’s 100% transparent and doesn’t leave any residue.

  • You’re a lifesaver.

  • Thanks! I am going for it right now. Don’t you think Apple computers are weaker than before? My firsts Apple computers were real tanks! Unbreakable. And now… look at that mess…

  • I don’t know how to thank you for this. I swear that if I didn’t come across this post, I would’ve been in a mental hospital by now.

    Whoever wants to ruin their day can listen to my story…

    My fan started to make a noise 2 – 3 weeks ago, so I contacted Apple warranty. They said it could take 2 – 3 weeks, so this being my primary laptop, I went ahead and bought a fan of the same model off of eBay. It arrived, and all was going well until I got to unscrewing the old fan, which had screws that seemed they were of a different size. I tried screwdriver upon screwdriver, and it just wouldn’t come off. All this trying lead to the screws being stripped, and i was left with a noisy old fan, a new fan in a sealed bag beside me, and screws that wouldn’t come off even if i tempted them with a million dollars! Not to mention, I’d voided my Apple warranty.

    So, I woke up today morning and with dedication, thought I’d give it a last go before i empty my wallet by showing it to a computer repair store, none of whom by the way were confident they could fix the problem (“oh, we can try drilling or pliers, but not sure we can do anything other than that.”) After a couple hours, I was able to unscrew one of the screws by essentially cutting it half with a knife and using an ordinary screw driver. The other 2 screws, however, were pretty much impossible to remove this or any other way as I found after 5 – 6 hours of trying, because they were indented 1 – 2 cms below the surface.

    Anyway, in a last last last attempt, I googled “macbook noisy fan” and came across this post. By this time, I had pretty much destroyed the old fan, because the top plate had come off, and I could remove the actual spindle/part. I cleaned it 3 – 4 times with some water spray and a cloth, and VOILA! It was quiet! Kapoof! Silence!

    Not sure how long it’ll remain like this for, but as I said, if this hadn’t had happened, I would be either selling my socks to pay for the $100 – $200 extra bill (not to mention the $100 price of the new fan), or selling the 3-month old MacBook for a 100 month-old price because the computer guy couldn’t remove the screws.

    So, thanks!

  • This worked like a charm! After disassembling the mac: I just opened up the fan, blasted it with air duster, drenched it in silicone lube, and then put it back together. D/L’d the fan app and ramped up the speed…and it is essentially silent!

    Just in case anyone else notices that the wiring on their left fan is a bit different then in the link, I’ll tell u a bit about my experience. I bought my MacBook Pro right before they came out with the unibody model. The wiring on the left fan was a little different than the link to the disassembly instructions. My wires going across the very top of the left fan and the way those wires attached to the motherboard was different than in the picture in the guide. I was able to remove the fan without detaching that group of wires by lifting the electrical tape just enough to free then fan. Hope this helps,


  • For me, lubrication didn’t address the problem entirely as the fan blades were slightly scraping the housing. Upon closer inspection, the aluminum part that the fan sits on (partially shown on the left side of your picture with the arrow) was slightly bent which caused the blades to hang too close to the bottom part of the housing. I carefully bent it back so it was a level as I could make it, put it all back together and no more scraping sound.

    Not sure how it get bent in the first place. Perhaps when they replaced my logic board a while ago (fixed under the NVIDIA recall)?

    Without your post, I wouldn’t have thought the fan was serviceable at all, so thanks a bunch. Now that my MacBook no longer sounds like a leaf blower, I can get back to work.



  • cool this worked really well, i was able to do the fix easily, now my macbook pro is as silent as it can be

  • Can’t believe that my 6 month old unibody macbook would have a noisy fan!!!
    Talk about quality parts!
    Ordered a new replacement fan from a company in Hong Kong… as Apple want 3days with my macbook to fix this issue and the noise is real annoying…
    Saw your page and hadn’t realised the fan comes apart so easily!!
    Will 5 minutes later the fan off the unibody macbook was in 3 bits and a drop of silicon oil later and back to gether…. one silent macbook.
    Very happy!

  • I used a dry lubricant on my MCP 17″ SR and noticed quite a bit of dust in the sinks where the fans emit the air. Cleaned everything up and reassembled now the fans are at 1500 and the cpu(s) are around 99F, much cooler than the usual 125F and silent now. I too, noticed one of the blades making contact with the housing and made an adjustment. Good DIY.

  • Awesome! this is a life saver. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try this tomorrow. Very nice step by step

  • Thanks a million for sharing this. My mac book pro come back to very quiet now.

  • Chupatribra on 11.14.09 @ 4:11PM

    Thanks! My work book just lost a logic board a couple of days ago and I was not in the mood to pay for more repairs for my personal book.

  • Hi there, I have just done this today on my unibody MacBook, it has worked a treat, I just used a dab of silicone oil to lubricate. Hopefully it will last for a while.

    All up the service took about 10 minutes.

    Thanks for the informative article.

  • WD-40 FTW! To others: Re-lubing is the key. I tried to get away with just taking the fans apart and cleaning them (it’s cold outside where the WD-40 can was…). That didn’t help. Taking the fans apart and lubing the spindle quieted things all the way down.

    Thanks for the hint!

  • THANK YOU! It took two times to get it right. After the first attempt (I used Silicone spray on a q-tip to clean the axle), the noise was the same! I just couldn’t take it again – and the epic fail… so I tried again – this time with WD-40. I noticed that one of the fan blades was bent and just about broken… I finished it off an broke it off. I was worried about the balance – but oh well – … I had to move forward. I sprayed the q-tip with WD40 and cleaned the axle thoroughly and used the dry end to clean up the mess (and dust in the chamber area). Put it all back – ran SMCFAN – boosted up to max and back down – … and????…..

    NO SOUND – like new. RPM’s of both fans are about the same. So, if you still have the loud noise – check the blades (and use WD40).

    Good luck to all – I’m VERY HAPPY. Thank you for my sanity!

  • For what it’s worth… WD-40 is NOT a long-term lubricant. It has a small amount of lubricant in it but it will break down within a few months… it’s intended to get inside tight spaces and break corrosion bonds and remove water (WD stands for “water displacement”, the 40 is because it took them 40 reformulations to perfect it).

    The best stuff to use is sewing machine oil (about $3 for a bigger bottle than you could ever use for laptop fans), since this is pretty much exactly what it’s made for. You can get it on amazon or from a lot of craft/sewing/etc shops.

    Alternatively, 3 in one oil is something a lot of people will have around the house, and it’s almost as good. You can get that at any hardware store or department store that has a hardware section.

  • I too had this problem, although I didn’t perform this search until after I fixed it. My fix also gave me immediate great results.

    I did exactly what is recommended above except for the following…

    First off I cleaned out cotton ball sized dust bunnies out of the blades and housing. That helped keep it balanced and quieter. However I also needed some lubrication, I was really hesitant to use any oils or spray lube as I didn’t want to cause a short or have internal leaking. Tthis is a possibility no matter how negligible the amount you use, as a laptop’s internal components are very delicate.

    I instead opted for using graphite a metallic dry lubricant often used by locksmiths and machinists. Not having any handy, I just scraped the “lead” (which is actually graphite) from a pencil into a little dust pile and deposited that into the inside of the fan and around the spindle.

    Let me know if this works out for you.

  • you rock this has been killing me for months thanks dude :) huge thumbs up

  • Thanks for this post.

    I start having this noise in my (almost) 4 years-old MacBook Pro1,1, so I guess I’ll give this trick a try.

    But I think JC (3 posts up) has made a good point. WD40 isn’t a long term lubricant. Better to use sewing machine oil or graphite powder as mentioned by Elvin (2 posts up).

  • It’s true that WD-40 likely isn’t ideal. Just to update, however, it’s 9 months later and the noise hasn’t come back.

  • Just thought I would pass by to say it worked-out like a charm.

    I’ve open-up my Mac, cleaned and lubricated both fans – only had noise on the left, but hey!, I don’t do this every day, so I took advantage of the fact it was already open ;)

    I’ve used something called SuperLub (?) and my MacBook Pro is working in pleasant silent again.

    Thanks once again for the post!

  • Dude thanks so much for puttin this on here you saved me so much stress. i did it exactly as you said. i have a silver unibody macbook that i got in may of 09. i had HUGE clumps of dust and lint inside the fan. i spent like an extra hour trying to do it though because i accidentally stripped out two of the screws that mount the fan casing down. i recommend buying the right size screwdrivers before trying this. but after i finally got it undone i got all the lint out, airdusted the shit out of it then put some WD-40 on a Q-tip and rubbed it on the spindle of the fan. then put it back together and worked like a charm. now my macbook runs at 97 degrees farenheit :)))))). thanks a lot man. saved me a lot of stress and trouble.

  • I was just about to buy myself a torq screwdriver today to fix my left fan which is making ugly sounds since about 4 days. But just today I couldn’t get my mbp to heat up making the fan cry horribly – and after waking it up from a cooling sleep the fan is steady on 0 rpm. I hope it didn’t crack completely. I’ve read in this thread a number of causes – dirty parts, bent parts, broken parts – so I just hope it’s something I can fix, still after the left fan died.
    Otherwise, this machine is scheduled to go to repair on a malfunctioning sleeping sensor by the end of january so I could have a double repair… *sigh*.
    I’ll keep you updated!

  • (I saw I made one bad sentence… I meant, I had some apps running while battery got a recharge, so heat went up and my fans started spinning louder than the left one could appreciate.
    It’s december, I’m tired and my sentences start going wrong… srry!)

  • Thank You. You’ve just solved my nightmares with MBP, that longed for a year recently! :)

  • I had a big presentation to do and didn’t want the PC professors to make fun of my noisy Mac. I never opened my Mac before but after seeing your site and reviewing procedures on Youtube, I methodically approached how I would remove the fans with wires around it and what to do about the air shroud. I figured it out and it went smoothly. More importantly it worked! Been skint after Christmas and your site saved me! A million thanks. Deus beatus tu!

  • It worked for me too, my right fan was dead but now it’s spinning nicely again!! I hope the noise won’t return, because initially it was a bit noisy once fixed, but after boosting the rpm with smcfancontrol it seems all fine.
    Btw, I didn’t really encounter large amounts of dust or bent parts… I removed some minor dust between the blades and put some lube on the axle, that’s it…

  • I just wanted to add a comment and say thank you for the great advise. Recommend that the fan air vents, mother board, and air vents at the back of the mac be cleaned out to reduce over heating.

    When the fans started to make a loud noise, I assumed that the hard drive was I about to crash from previous experience. I spent $100 (320GB) for a new drive and the OWC usb casing to clone the drive. When it comes down to data, I never have a second thought about replacing a drive that appears faulty.

    Replacing the drive did not solve the heating and noise issue. I decided to take it apart and starting the computer to see where the problem lied (not recommended, I’ve been a system administrator for 9 years) and found it that it was coming from the fans. I was going to replace them. But after looking at the price ($100), I decided to look for other ways to fixing the issue.

    I came a cross your page and your solution was so simple that it was genius. Why didn’t I think of that. I just want to say thank you for saving me $93. The cost of fixing and removing the dust from the internal components was a total of $7. I picked up a silicon lube at a hardware store. As far as the hard drive expense, I had no more space on the old drive so I need it anyway. Besides, I got a 7200RPM 320Gigs Western Digital Scorpion Black which is way more faster than the drive that came with the macbook. Some people had commented on the drive noise, but I can’t hear any noise on this drive. My macbook was 4 yrs old and a veteran of the afghan war :). So it’s no surprise that the vents and fans were clogged with dust causing heating problems.

    Thank you Again

  • Oh, one more thing. The plastic fan needs to be pulled out in order to remove it from the casing. I was looking for a screw that might be holding it. just stick a screw driver underneath to pull out the plastic part. I had a little hard time on this because I was afraid of breaking it. I recommend pulling the fun evenly so it doesn’t get damage, but it seems to be pretty sturdy. Another thing was a cable on the left fan that appears to connect to the left speaker. I didn’t know how to unplugged it so I pulled it out from where it plugs to, but i learned I just needed to pull the little tiny tab to disconnect the cable. I was lucky I didn’t cause damage to the tab. otherwise, I would not be able to fix it.

  • Thank you. It works!!! My fan has been making noise for more than a month. And today…peace and quiet. Used very small drop of sewing machine oil. Worked like a charm.

    Thanks again!


  • Jeroen Leenarts on 01.5.10 @ 6:42PM

    Tnx for this info.

    Last monday my MacBook Pro started making terrible noise while I went on my lunch break. You can imagine I was kinda worried.

    I ordered a replacement fan costing 40 euros. That was before I found this post. The lube I used was a teflon based dry lube I usually use on my mountainbike chain during the summer. Dropped a drop on my table and dipped the little axle once with the tip. Wanted to make sure not to lube it too much.

    Fortunately the Apple service provider where I ordered the fan allowed me to only order the part and let me do the installation myself. Else it would’ve costed ad aditional 40 euros.

    Now I kinda regret that I ordered the fan though. It seems to work wonderful. In fact. The fan I “fixed” makes less noise compared to when the system was brand new. :) Logging the fan RPMs and graphing the result to see if there are any deviations. None yet.

  • Thanks for the info!

    I was going to order a replacement part but i really didn’t want to spend $40 or $50 for the part. It has been over two weeks now and it hasn’t make a sound! Thanks.

  • this was incredibly helpful! thanks dude!

  • To update: it’s a full year later and the noise has finally returned (albeit in a different, quieter form). I’m going to try the repair with some silicon lubricant or graphite when I get a chance.

  • thanks for posting this! i fixed both of my fans on macbook pro 17″ A1151 with WD-40. the first time around, i dabbed the axle with kleenex with WD-40 on it, but apparently it wasn’t enough, so i just sprayed the axle directly, poured out the excess on to kleenex, let it dry a bit, and it worked perfectly! no more noise, and my laptop runs much cooler too! even if WD-40 is temporary, i wouldn’t mind re-applying them every year or every few months. i should probably clean out the dust in the fan every year or so anyway.

  • Thanks for the help man… I was freaking out and was worried that it was sign of death.

  • 2 days now and not a sound, you my friend are a freakin genius. Thank you.

  • The right fan on my Macbook Pro had been making noise for about 2 months now. It would only get really bad when they would get to high speeds and then if I let it rest it would be fine for a while. I had read this before, but didn’t really pay attention to it and tried some other things, but eventually looked at this in more detail and decided to try it because sewing machine oil was pretty cheap. Drove to Joann Fabrics this afternoon and picked up some for less than $4 and then eagerly tried the fix when I got home. It worked! Thanks a lot, now I can finally enjoy peace and I’m not embarrassed to take my Macbook in public.

  • Fabricio Moldez on 02.13.10 @ 6:11PM

    Worked like a charm. Thanks for saving me the cost of a new fan!

  • thanks man!!! great fix.

  • Thanks a million times,
    it’s quite again ;-)

  • This was a big help, thanks a lot.

  • I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. I’ve been dealing with this noise for months. Don’t torture yourself. I did this all with an eyeglass repair flat-head screwdriver and WD-40.

    I used a toothpick to scrape off some tiny bits of dust off the base of the spindle. That might have been what was throwing the fan off-kilter.

    Easy fix if you’ve got steady hands.

  • Thanks for the post! Saved me money and headache… However, WD-40 has not worked for me as a long-term solution. 4 months later, i’ve got a noisy mac again. I’m about to open up the macbook again and try using Silicone Lubricant. Maybe that will last a lot longer.

  • i had the exact same problem, i was about to order two new fans just to make sure the other fan didnt do the same in the future. i luckily stumbled onto this page and i did exactly what it says and it worked! my fans are quiet! this is amazing! thanks a million.

  • Thanks. Your instructions were very helpful and I now have a quiet fan! However, I needed a little more help with disassembling the laptop. These instructions were helpful for that:

  • Put 1 drop of silicone oil on each fan spindle and re-assembled. Power on, FAN NOISE GONE!!!

    I had already reset the SMC, zapped ran the Apple Hardware (extended) Test and still had the noise even at idle.

    Using you instructions, I opened up my 15″ unibody thinking I would find dust as the culprit but it was SPOTLESS. I still hit it with canned air and then took apart the fans. They were spotless too- wiped the insides with q-tips and had very very minor residual dust.

    NOTE (slight build variation from your description): The left side fan required a torx 7 bit on the upper left screw. All other topside screws were torx 6 Also both fans only had 1 Philips screw on underside to remove.

    THANKS! You saved me from unnecessary downtime.

  • this worked! …for about only 2 weeks. im just going to purchase a new fan and replace it myself.

  • Thanks a lot. You really made my day. I did’nt know what to do with that disturbing noise until i read your post. With the help of one of my friend, i fixed the problem and the silence has come back.
    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for posting this.. I learned how to take my computer apart in the process, but the fan is still busted! I’ve had the quieter ‘whirring’ in the past, but this noise that started a few days ago is much much louder and is not intermittent, and the right fan does not respond to the SMC, as it is spinning well under 1k rpms.

    Today I took my right fan out, cleaned, lubed with graphite, put back in (done this twice now) and tried speeding it up with the SMC, but my right fan still won’t get up to speed… its still stuck between 500 and 800rpms and very noisy. Maybe the thing really is just broken? First I tried a moderate amount of the graphite powder, and then a healthy amount, and the fins are not touching, but unfortunately no improvement.. :(

    I haven’t read any mention of the loud AND slow fan’s yet in my search– Does this have any significance to anyone out there reading this? Any info would be appreciated.. worst case I’ll just replace the fan, I’m just hoping that there isn’t some larger issue related to this. I just had the I/O board replaced by Apple (out of warranty) a few months ago..

    • This was happening to my left fan … noise was intermittent over couple of months but today came back insistently and LOUD. Unbearable. I was checking with iStat menus and temp was running 170 degrees, right fan was cranking at a few thousand RPM, and the left fan was dogging it at a few hundred RPM and the speed was going up and down seemingly with the volume of the noise. I would definitely associate the slow speed with the noise in my case. I did this lubricating procedure and it is now completely quiet and the fans are both running within a couple of RPMs of each other (right now left 1995 RPM and right 1998 RPM at 129 degrees).

      Maybe try some WD40 … worth a try …

  • Hello

    muchas gracias senor! I was going loco with the left noisy fan issue but am now writing this from a perfectly quiet macbook :) Yes I’ve also installed smc fan control and ramping up the speed to 5000-6000rpm produces only more silence, just what the doctor ordered.

    Slight difference to my original situation however which was

    1) addressing this issue from the UK so had to go to new sources for the tools.
    2) using non uni-body 17″ macbook.

    Hope the following helps for people in a similar situation to my own.

    For MacBook Pro 17″ ifixit guide -

    For T6 x 40 Torx screwdriver (UK amazon) -

    Equivalent 00 Phillips screwdriver (cheapest and best option I found) -

    Spudger (via ebay in the UK)

    Compressed Air -
    bought this direct from my nearest PC world

    Sewing machine oil -
    bought this from a local sewing machine repair man :)

    Additionally also bought an antistatic wrist strap from Maplins to be extra safe.
    I’ve never done any repair work inside a computer before so for me this was my equivalent of venturing boldly forth where no man had gone before. I found it daunting but incredibly exciting, felt like I was performing a lobotomy. There was one stage where I thought I may have fried the internal circuitry when I was attacking the inside of the mac with compressed air but thank goodness when all was re-assembled everything worked as in a dream. I admit the whole process took me 3 hours however in my defence this is entirely new grounds for me being completely green when it comes to tinkering inside computers. Basically if I was able to fix it with no previous experience I reckon any of your readers will be able to do the same.

    My advice, be prepared – have the right equipment and follow the instructions and you will soon have your old quiet mac back again.

    Your health Ryan, I will be proposing you for knighthood in the next honours list ;)

  • Hi from Venezuela, dude thanks a million, my 2 years old macbook pro had the right fan noisy. Was easier than I thought disarm the fan, a drop of oil on the shaft, and ready, no more sound … like new. thanks again …

  • Just did this with my previous gen MBP 17″ (the non-unibody one). Oiled both fans with this stuff:

    Now is silent and seems to be working a little cooler checking with smcFanControl (I usually have it on 4k rpm. Now its fine on 3k).

    Much appreciated info!

  • steve osman on 03.28.10 @ 10:27AM

    my solution was to remove the fans totally ! its really quiet now.

  • Just came here to say this is great. I just followed these instructions, and I used a kleenex to dabble some WD-40 onto the spindle. I get a slight whirring still, but much quieter than before! I’ll do this again with some graphite lube soon and I’m sure it will work like a charm.


  • Worked really well on my 3.5 year old 17″ MBP. The fan had a connector which I could not remove without feeling like I would snap something, so I just left it connected, removed the fan from its nest and flipped it over, and removed the fan wheel. Lubed it with WD40 also (lightly). I can’t hear my fan at all now. Thanks a bunch for sharing this … your article is still living on and helping people > a year later! Awesome.

    • Forgot to mention, was a decent bit of dust in the fan vent which I also vacuumed out. May have helped too.

    • > I agreed did the same thing u did and my Beautiful Aluminum Uni-body Macbook, is as clean on inside as out!

  • My noisy macbook is super silent again! However, I did order a replacement fan and since there was no rush to get it, I shopped around and found one that cost $6.00, included free shipping from China. It’s coming as a cheap precaution. You saved me a lot of grief and money!
    Thank you

    • Arnold Baruch on 05.23.10 @ 7:21AM

      Mike – I don’t suppose you’d have a link on that Chinese site….I just oiled my fans and they’re better, but I think I waited too long. They’re still a bit noisy, probably permanent wear. And $50 each for fans is steep for me right now.

  • Dude, this worked perfectly, thank you so much!

  • I’ll be giving this a shot today, probably use the Radio Shack lubricant mentioned at other how-tos. One thing that I will do that I have not seen mentioned anywhere is preventative maintenance on the other fan while I have it opened up.

  • Agree with OneFreeMan, I had exactly the same experience with the connector that wouldn’t come off. But everything worked well with the connector still in place, and now my dear MBP is silent again. Many thanks for this perfect tip!

  • I havent done it yet im going to. Mine produces the same noise but not to the same extent but its still very annoying from one day to another to have that happen and i only have mine one year…. and i took it to the repair store and they said there was nothing wrong with my mac at all and the noise is from the aging and its natural or high demands from me….

  • Thank you for this. Followed the same procedure to re-lube the right fan on my 15″ LED MBP. I used a little gear oil I have left over from working on the car. I was convinced the fan would have to be replaced but it works fine now. Thanks again.

  • worked like a charm, and id never taken a macbook apart before. now im noticing some new subtle noise coming from something else. guess the absence of the fan noise has made it more prominant, or maybe its in my head? either way my fans are not embarassingly loud any more, thanks!

  • I’ve got the same problem as you,

  • Fixed! Thanks!,lucy

  • dirt reynolds on 05.24.10 @ 2:26PM

    WOW that worked great! Thanks for the info. My MBP was so loud I wanted to toss it as far as possible. I know nothing about computers let alone take one apart but I read this watched a couple of videos on YouTube and it was way easier then I thought. One thing I used different was pneumatic oil instead of graphite or wd40 its a little more thick but not too thick. I tried graphite too but I don’t think it worked as well as the oil…. Thanks Again for all your info!!

  • Thank you for your help. This worked very very well.

  • Ronald Connal on 06.6.10 @ 1:45PM

    My December 2006 MacBook Pro 15″ is as silent as a lam (again). These instructions worked very well, thank you.

  • I am generally not a commenter…. But THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was searching on eBay for a fan because my 15″ MBP was getting obnoxiously loud. I was a new considering a new computer. I followed your instructions to the letter w/ the wd40 & it is silent once again. Many thanks!

    • > I, like Haeck Design, rarely ever comment but this has helped me tremendously! I was about to spend $85.00 for two fans for my MacBook Pro 15′ and another $85.00 for labor. Instead I went to Home Depot and bought the mentioned tools for less than $20.00, followed your steps and… VOILA! Thank you so much for being a MacBook Pro genius! I aspire to one day tinker with my MacBook and try to find quick fixes on my own… but that’s another time when I have money to replace said MacBook when it blows up in my face. Thanks again!

  • Gillian Hebron on 07.13.10 @ 5:31AM

    Another HUGE THANK-YOU to you!! This worked GREAT and saved me the cost of having both fans replaced… i had a terribly noisy left fan and a non-functioing right fan – which of course led to a fire hot sluggish laptop. I followed your instructions, cleaned & re-lubed both fans, put it back together and now i have TWO beautifully running SILENT fans.

    My macbook pro is running ALOT cooler with both fans set to run between 5000 – 6000 rpm via the smcFanControl app. Very happy with the results! THANK-YOU!

  • Thanks for the guide.. unfortunately the socket for the fan went off while taking apart the macbook pro, and I had to solder it back on, quite a task : )

    But now, having cleaned the ventilation system, the system runs much more smoothly.. I guess the dust bunny took up a lot of space.. flash movies would make the macbook run at 60-70 degrees before, causing the fan to go up to 6000 RPM.. but now it runs at 55 degrees (Celsius) and 2000 rpm.. nice :)

  • Wasn’t confident enough to disconnect the fan but was still able to take the fan apart and lube it up. Worked like a charm- thanks a lot!

  • Damn bro! This works! Thanks a bunch for the detail procedures and instructions! I can sleep well at night again! :)


  • If I’m going to go to the trouble of opening up my MBP, I’d like to just go ahead and actually replace both fans (noisy one & quiet one). However, this noisy fan issue started only like a week after I bought the MBP. I don’t want to waste time or money, opening up my MBP and replacing the fans…if they’re only going to start making noise again in a few weeks.

    I’m wondering if anyone has feedback on the replacement fans…have they fixed the noise problem, while still cooling well? Do they last? If not, are there 3rd party fans that may work better?

    While I don’t want to “break the bank” on the replacement fans, I’d rather spend a little more to get a quality product. If anyone knows of the best fan options, please provide company name, links, or any info you can.


  • Thanks for the guide! Helped a lot, was a bit scared at first and trickiest part was ifting off the top case but still I managed to complete the fix. Actually did it twice, because I forgot to reconnect the fan after cleaning ;) But now the MBP is running smooth, no sound from the fan!
    So for all a bit scared to open a MacBookPro, go ahead, with the right tools it isnt too difficult!

  • Just wanted to let you know I jut finished putting my macbook pro together after following your guidebook. All I can say is that now my fans are silent. Thanks for putting the time to make this guide because without it I was going to spend $50 per fan to fix my issue.

    As far as using smc, can someone suggest some settings for it?

    Again to the author, thank you so much for the guide….

  • I just wanted to thank you for this guide! Apple replaced my fans back in March (was a big ordeal and was not fun) and the left one started sounding like my moped again. I called Apple and they wanted me to drive the two hours to an Apple store, have them order the parts, then drive back when they got the parts in. I called around and nobody in town sold these fans, so I was about to buy one online and wait for it when I found this guide. Now it’s running great! I hope my posting this only 30 minutes after isn’t a jinx, but for now it’s working!

  • Finished the work on my MacBook Pro earlier today using white lithium grease spray (applied to the fan shaft using a fine brush) and the noise is gone! Thanks for the instructions!!

  • Another thanks. I was just about to send off for a new fan – saw your article just in time. 15 minutes later and the MBP is completely silent again. Brilliant.

  • My fans were as loud as a plane taking off…(MacBook Pro 2.16 Ghz).. I was often very ashamed especially when I was in class or a quiet room. Now my fans are quiet and I even see my Mac more attractive, No doubt loud fans can make look a machine old and accelerate apparent depreciation!

    Thanks for the info, you are the man!

  • Worked for me! I tried cleaning my fan just with compressed air. Nope. You have to take that fan apart and shoot WD-40 on the axel. Thanks!

  • Yaro Kasear on 09.2.10 @ 10:54AM

    1. Grab your macbook.
    2. Throw it out the window.
    3. Buy a real laptop.
    4. ???
    5. Profit!!!

    • antimacguyscansuckbillG'sbellend on 10.17.10 @ 11:37AM

      funny that someone takes the time to search mac repair guides only to leave these sort of comments..? I dont get it? whats the point.

  • Thanks! This was great. I walked into my office yesterday hearing this awful sound. Opened up my mac and determined it was the fan. I stumbled across your solution looking for tips on how to quiet it. But, figured I would need to get it repaired…until I found your site. Thankfully, your solution worked perfectly. It’s only been 12 hours, but my computer has never been so quiet.

  • My macbook pro 15″ has maglev fans so they don’t come apart as is shown here to lube them…but I took them out of the macbook and blew the dirt out with compressed air and now they are very quiet. Mine is a late 2009 macbook pro model. Thanks for the instructions!

  • Oops, followup to previous post… my macbook is a late 2008 unibody model.

  • Worked like a charm! No longer does my wife of 37 years ask “Why does your laptop sound like a teeeeny tiny chain saw?”

  • Hi,

    I have the same exact problem but I do not want to damage my computer and fix it myself nor do I have the time to actually do so. I took it to genius bar @ Mac and they said they were going to charge me $170 or so to fix it because I’m out of warranty and it’ll take about 5-7 days to fix. Considering the fact that a lot of people on here are saying they saved $50bucks by fixing themselves; is that because you didn’t pay for labor and time for a tech? Or is the Mac quote that i was given about right if their techs had to fix it? Also, is there somewhere or other companies (DC/VA Area) that i can take it to without having to pay the Mac price or am I going to have to sadly chuck down the high price tab?:( Thanks in advance for your responses!

  • Followed your directions and so far I have a silent mac again!!!!! Yeah, and it only cost me 20 bucks for the screwdriver set and compressed air. I didn’t have wd-40 so I used some CLP-Break Free. Thanks again!

  • Outstanding – first time I’ve tried opening up a laptop (getting the keyboard up was a bit tricky) – but I followed the instructions using a little WD40 and all is good. Fan is as quiet as a church mouse.
    Many thanks…….

  • Uggh, well my fans were quiet for a day or two, now they are noisey again. I have the mag lev fans so they don’t come apart as described….does anyone have any suggestions???

  • Thanks for the page and the tips. Your instructions more or less worked for my Late 2007-White MacBook C2D. No more vibrations, no more noise. Back to the way it was before. Saved myself $50 worth of fan & $40 worth of int’l shipping charges with about $3 worth of WD-40 and a $2 Philips screwdriver. No need for a Torx screwdriver for my model of MacBook.

  • I just had to do this for my right fan and I found that using the suggested Powdered Graphite Lubricant results in a VERY NOISY FAN even at the lowest speed!

    So I had to take apart my MBP again, shake out some of the graphite, and apply some mineral oil (apparently a key ingredient of WD40). Now after some sustained testing at high speed (3d games) I can say that the right fan is still not as quiet as the left fan but it’s essentially back to normal.

    Please update your instructions so people can fix their fans correctly on the first try. Liquid lubricant good, powdered bad.

  • This works great thanks so much!

  • Brilliant tip – I had a horrible fan noise, but it sounded more like something was hitting the blades, so I was sceptical that this would work, but it did… a bit of lube is always the trick!

  • this worked great so far….7 hrs…….thanks so much for posting…saved me lot of money a gave me that do it yourself satisfaction!

  • Slap into a Jim_Jim on 12.22.10 @ 9:29PM

    This is so weird… I can’t hear my laptop at all.
    Now how I am supposed to know it’s still living? Same thing happened with Ole’ Pappy…

  • This is good info and was one of the top hits when I was looking for info on the fan noise my 17″ Macbook Pro was making.

    The only thing I’d suggest is to NOT use WD40 which is mainly kerosene and a small amount of mineral oil. WD40 was designed as a water displacer and not a high speed lubricant. The next best thing around the house would be sewing machine oil or 3in1 oil which is vegetable based but still better than WD40.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip. My fans are quiet and clean now that they’ve been vacuumed, dusted and lubed.

  • used sewing machine oil. tons of gunk and fur in the area near the fan, pulled off a clot where it exhausts
    worked perfectly afterwards, very happy now , was sure i would be buying a new macbookpro cause the noise was so grating.

  • Just did this to my Unibody Macbook Pro and the noise is completely gone! Fantastic fix as I had all the tools and lube at the house.

    • Yeah I too agree.. The fan noise was driving me crazy. Now nothing!!
      Glad that I came across this website :)

  • WONDERFUL!! it worked like a charm. I used a bit of light grease as lube

  • Thank you so much for the fix! Worked perfectly. I owe you some money!!!!

  • I found I did not have to take the fan out, just undid the 2 phillips screws, sliced the black tape holding the fan cover to the exhaust vent, and pulled it out. A dab of Vaseline and good to go. (also evicted the dust bunnies). Spooky quiet now. :-)

    Thank-you SOoooo Much!!! for the tip.

  • Another VERY effective lubricant to use for the fans (I use it in commercial public-safety radio power supplies) is silicon “o-ring” lubricant. It is commonly available at auto repair stores, and is extremely durable as well.

  • Good Technology! I have a basketcase Macbook purchased from eBay (when I still HAD faith in their services) so it was an easy fix. I used silicone spray lube in the place of WD40 since I already had it on hand and use it most often. So far so great! The SMC FanControl is the SHIZZITS as well. Thanks a heap!

  • OMG, i love you man !!!! … worked like a charm and quite like, … don’t even have a comparison! ^^
    you ARE AWESOME !!! Thanks for the tutorial !! :-)

  • Cleaned both. 1 is totally silent now the other one is still not cured.

    BE CAREFUL the blades of the fans are easy to break while taking them apart.
    I broke one blade of the fan – sh* – surprisingly this is not the one which is still noisy.

    good luck!

  • My 2007 MacBook Pro had same problem. Left fan sounding like it was coming apart. Put up with it for over a year. Tried ramping up speed, dropping speed, over and over. Best I could get was a short few day fix.

    Finally, dawned on me, ‘Duh! I have AppleCare!’

    I took it to the close by Apple Store. They took apart my machine, installed a new fan and returned it to me next day . Works great! Cost? NOTHING! Yea, AppleCare!

    • well.. Applecare is $349 for 2 years (1 year is covered by the warranty in the US). So you paid quite a lot for them to spray your fan.

      In Europe Applecare is even less neccessary, as warranty on elecronic devices has to be minimum 2 years by law. My MBP Logic Board died (SantaRosa) just before these 2 years and Apple changed it for free. I did not have AppleCare.

  • I can’t explain how thankful I am to you for posting this! My 5year old MacBook pro was doing the same thing. At the apple store they basically told me it was time for a new computer (can’t blame em… It probably is, but till I can afford that it really isn’t an option. Lol)

    My boyfriend got tired of me cussing out my laptop and even hitting it sometimes (don’t judge… I know it’s not very smart… But I was going a little crazy with the sound and it causing my computer to freeze up constantly while I tried to work… And somehow hitting it would actually stop the sound and unlock it…at least for a minute). So he googles the problem and found your post.

    I’m not the most electronically savvy gal out there, but I was able to operate on my computer as directed just fine. And the sound has completely stopped now!!!!!!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!


    • Amanda, I think you shouldn’t be afraid to blame them. I don’t know why people always justifies Apple. They are to blame. Your computer is fine, it only needs a $30 piece. Time for a new computer? My *ss.

  • Nathan Davis on 02.17.11 @ 2:58PM

    Just did this with my 2007 Macbook pro A1211 and worked like a charm! Amazing! Left fan was a little trickier than the right. Went to iFixit for the complete guide but instead of disconnecting everything I pried enough apart to just spayed some WD40 in the fan well but now wish I would have taken it apart completely cause I can hear no noise from the right but still a little from the left (nothing even close to what it was though). Good tip!

  • Robert Segal on 02.25.11 @ 1:09PM

    So good! Worked just as described. Not that hard. Totally fixed the problem!

    One thing, I jus assumed it was the left fan, since that’s what the instructions talked about, and I did the left fan and put everything back together, only then to realize that it was actually the right fan. So take a close listen before you get started and make sure you do the correct fan. Course, can’t hurt to do both, but it was a pain because I put it all back together before I realized. There’s an instruction for the right fan on iFixit as well.

  • I came here through Google because the right fan had become noisy all of a sudden on my MacBook Pro C2D 2006. I followed your instructions plus this video ( to remove the fan and now my laptop is quiet as it was a few days ago. The only difference is that I used ceramic wet lube, meant for bike chains. Most of all, you saved me a trip to the Apple Store and days or weeks without my computer. Thanks a lot.

  • Great tip, just did it the way you described and, you guessed it, it totally worked. Thank you very much, you just saved me some money. Plus I finally got myself those screwdrivers. :)

  • there is this guide too


  • hey! nice guide. 100% worked for me!

    I not only fixed the rattling left fan, but cleaned the whole insides of the computer with the compressed air, and I’d say the cooling is noticeably more efficient now. I’m having average temps of 65C, while I usually had averages around 75C.

    The fan blades were totally full of s**t. I don’t remember the computer as silent as is now.

    I recommend anyone with a 3+ y.o. laptop to do a general cleaning.

    • two days afer the fan started rattling again.

      I redid the fix, but this time I used a drop of oil from my car (5W30).

      Now its been running smoothly for weeks.

      So-beware of the lubricant you use. It’s important it’s a high speed lubricant. Others will dry in no time.

  • You sir, deserve a pulitzer prize or something for this article. So far, this is working beautifully, and frankly, I am amazed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  • The noise was really annoying for the past few days on my 3+ macbook pro. This works 100% it is so quite now. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  • This is great! I’ve managed to clean my fans and the weird helicopter sound that the fans were making at over 3500 rpm is gone. Thank you!

  • Thanks, that was a great tip! Now I can finally use my macbook pro again.

  • Just used this method to fix my mom’s MBP. Worked excellent. Thank you very much!

  • Jorge Mariani on 04.24.11 @ 12:26AM

    Dude, you rule!

  • 22 April 2011 -
    I took apart the MBP 17″ core 2 duo which is nearly 5 years old now. The fan noise was unbearable and the heat from the machine was extreme. Cleaned inside with a iClean wipe and air. Disassembled the Fan assembly. I did not have to remove the “inverter” because the wires did not come across the fan on my model. Added a bit of WD-40 to the spindle and put it all back together. Instant result! Noise was gone and machine is running cooler overall. Thank you for your posts it’s a brilliant and simple low tech solution to a high-tech problem!

    One note, the fan on my model didn’t just come right out… it took a little finessing to not damage it when removing it. The iFixIt docs are mainly for 15″ model and not the 17″ but they do get you to the fan disassembly alright…


  • Wow, thanks a ton. Lately the fan rpms and temps in my 2006 MBP 15″ were really getting me down – running all the time even under light processor load. I thought it was a software problem but could find no fix, and I think the overheating was causing intermittent freezeups. When the fan got super noisy 2 weeks ago I was thinking I’d need to get a new machine.

    Like others, during the teardown I removed tons of dust between the fans and heat sinks, which were clearly hampering fans’ efficient cooling. Nobody ever mentions that your laptop’s fans might ave a craptop of dust in them! I used a ‘dry’ chain lube for bikes on the fan axles, seems to work great.

    Now fans are silent, running at 2000rpm under light load (like they should) and temps are back down to normal. This is my main work machine – I run it hard – now itt’s nearly 4 years old and I’m looking forward to lots more usable life from it. So thanks!

  • OMG. YOU MUST CHANGE THIS! HUGE FLAW! Of all things why WD-40. I’ve done a lot of oiling fans but WD-40 is the ONLY one that you should not use. Don’t know why you said WD-40. You’re misleading people. WD-40 is not recommended for oiling fans. Do a quick search of oiling pc fans. 3-in-1 is a MUCH better choice.

    • I couldn’t agree more! There isn’t a technician out there that will tell you to use wd-40. Its crap. If you can find Break-Free CLP use it. If not call your local repair shop or do a search on which lube to use.

  • I know there are plenty of these types of comments like this but thank you so much! My 3 year old MBP right fan started grinding a couple days ago. I thought for sure it would result in a few days out of commission and a couple hundred bucks to replace the fan. Luckily a coworker of mine had the tools, I found these instructions and a little bit of oil and now it sounds better than brand new.

    I went with one of the commentator’s advice and stayed away from WD-40 and instead I used some lubricating oil that I already had. Thank you so much for your instructions. Very well written and extremely useful.

  • Byran Valiant on 06.21.11 @ 6:09PM

    WD-40 isn’t a lube don’t use it…. use a slicone based lubricant, or Mobile 1.

  • I’m not that handy… how much time can my mac be with this noise until one of my friends can help?!?!?!


    I followed the instructions letter-for-letter (using 3-in-one instead of WD-40). Being a computer tech novice but being relatively handy, I moved ahead even though I could have used more precise instructions on how to actually dismantle the computer and extract the fan. Terrifying to look at the pile of tiny screws on my desk; even more terrifying to pull out the tiny connectors … But now I swear my computer is quieter than when I first got it. And it’s nice and cool, to boot!

    With gratitude,

  • Thanks for this! I just did mine, which was from 2006 and now this macbook pro is quiet and running alot cooler! Much easier to do than an HP laptop!

  • Thanks! Still works. Instead of WD-40, I used a needle-tip precision lubricator from Radio Shack. 2 tiny drops and voila!

    I didn’t touch the left fan, but if it acts up, I’ll know what to do.

  • So glad I found this! I have started wondering if my laptop was dying or if something else was wrong, and now I know. I’m not sure I’m up to taking my computer apart, I’m sure I would misplace something, but I’m glad to know it’s likely just a fan than needs to be fixed, as opposed to buying a whole new computer. Thought that sounds kinda fun too.

  • Great info man! Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • zant KONNELY on 09.11.11 @ 8:55AM

    dude , is this applied on hte MBP 13 unibody generation ??? this sound is killing me and making me nervous !!!

    thx for sharing !

  • Thanks a lot Man! I was about to buy the new fan when I found this page! I just finished and the fan is working beautiful! I used 3in1 instead of WD40 and I would also add that this is not complicated at all, but you have to be careful when removing the fan as two cables run on top. Also, you might have to replace the black tape and the end of the assembly. I used electrical tape and you can’t even tell the difference with the right side fan.

    Thanks a lot!

  • you are the man! works great!

  • hello
    I have a problem with loud fan . Here is my problem: i downloaded smcFanControl to just test fens… but the sound is constantly the same. even if i turn both vent to lowest posible way in program. The sound still remains the same.
    I mean FTW? is it one of my fens or its my hard drive so loud? Some times the sound disapers and then come back..

    Help me dudes, do i need to take my macbook pro to the servis or i open it? I work very hard to buy it, i dont want to open just for seeing….

    help me please!!!

  • Regarding the lubricant issue…

    I was remembering back to when I was a kid, and we used to use graphite on our pinewood derby cars to make them go faster. Have called computer stores all around where I live, and all of them sell only silicone-based lubricants. Thought I would give the tiniest bit of graphite a try, and see if it would do the trick…

    Anyone advise against this? I figure everyone has a pencil laying around if they have no other option.

    • Graphite conducts electricity and I wouldn’t want a conductive powder blowing around in or around my conputer.

  • worked like a charm. thank you for saving me 80€.

  • thank you very much for the suggestion…..I followed the instructions in lubricating the fans and used the “needle-tip precision lubricant”. This fixed the noise problem completely. My macbook pro has never been this silent, the SMC fan control works as brand new, and machine is running much cooler.

  • Hi! I had never done something like this before, but I decided I was going to try your advice, since at the store they charged me $200 for the fix. I was amazed it worked! One thing, though, I used another video in youtube to explain step by step how to remove the cover of the computer and that was a huge help. Two drops of a silicone lubricant on the fan, a little bit of dusting, and when I closed everything and turned it on, no noise and everything works normally!! Thank you!!!

  • Worked like a charm. Thank you!

    • Unfortunately after around 20 minutes of use, when I ramped up the fans the noise came back… Sigh I have to open this thing up AGAIN (such a PITA).

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!! Worked perfectly. My fan is back to normal….sounds great! The clear directions made it so easy. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I used 3-in-one oil instead of the WD40. AWESOME!!!!

  • Dude, this post came right on time! I have a 2005 MacBook Pro 17″ and when the fan started making noise, I knew I was going to have to go under the hood and take a look. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to do any replacements…and sure enough, you’re post helped. Even though it takes a while to get to the fans, after wiping them down, blowing out the dust, and adding the lubricant, my computer is super quiet and is acting brand new. Good job on this post yo!

  • Hey there, I just opened the macbook to clean my fans..however I seemed unable to open the fan itself to oil it..I’m able to get the fan itself to open (so I could blow out a load of dust) but then there are no screws to open the fan further (to actually oil the point on which the fan itself rotates) could anybody help? thanks!

    • The fan in my MBP 13.3 had a single small screw that needed to be opened.

    • You might need to open some tabs on the side of the fan, and possibly remove a single screw. It should be located somewhere around the side of the fan. Be sure to check both sides!

  • Fantastic post. Followed the steps and got my MacBook Pro’s noisy fan to pipe down. The computer even runs better now. Sweet.

  • I went through the steps necessary to disassemble and reassemble my macbook pro but I did run into a few snags. I didnt end up using WD-40, instead went with Dupont’s teflon non-stick dry film lubricant (which leaves no oily film). I applied it to both fans, since both were making a noise. Once I closed everything up and put back all the screws, I couldnt get 2 of the 4 screws for the bottom of the laptop to go completely back in their holes. I might have stripped it in the process of removing it or putting it back in. Starting the computer back up, I ran that program to test out the fans, and the right fan was making a loud buzzing noise. Almost like I used too much lubricant and its spinning like crazy. It tends to make that noise when I close my laptop and pick it up to walk away with. Not sure if that problem will fix itself in the near future or if I just need to replace the fans all together.

  • Thanks for very useful solution. In my case, MacBookPro early 2008 model generated terrible noise on right side fan and your cleaning method completely solved problem.

  • Just open up my MBP 4.1 and fixed my fan noise problem. Disaster struck when I snapped one part of the fan (Got big and powerful fingers lol) but thank God, no noise and the MBP temperature stabilized to 50 degrees, instead of 70-80 degrees previously when re-assembled.

    • lest forget to say. THANKS FOR THE TIP. Now my wife can watch her online movies again…sigh

  • Great post, followed the steps, works great

  • Fantastic…. You would not believe the noise my 2008 MBP has been making… It’s been getting worse for months now, always there but will have bouts of silly loud… Followed these instructions and ‘WOW’ no more noise… I used 3 in 1 oil and will wait and see if it stays noise free but for now totally brilliant, Thanks. Ps. before oiling I downloaded smc fan control and the noisy fan was running at half speed of the other one.. Now both running the same speed… This really works, Thanks again…

  • Thanks! The clean-up worked and now I can hear myself breathing again.

    The only doubt I have is that when I checked before he cleanup, SMCFanControl showed me two readings. Now it shows me just one. I hope the fan has not just stopped working.

    I checked using Apple Hardware Diagnostics (the quick test) and it said All OK. My temp readings are going up to 92C and the fan spins up to 4600rpm, but it’s stable around there and the noise of the 6200rpm storm is not there.

    • Okay I had to do the procedure a couple more time since the fan started revving up to 6000rpm again (I have a single fan in my unibody 2009 13.3″ MBP). The machine works for a day or so at lower revs (2000-4000rpm) but after that it comes back up to 90C, 6200rpm very often. I have to put it on standby when it gets too noisy, and then open it again, to start again from 55C, 2000rpm.

      I’m using singer 3-in-1 all-purpose machine oil like someone recommended. Isn’t that as good as WD-40? Should I be using something else?

  • great stuff! my fan had stopped working altogether shortly after it had started to make some strange noise. followed the instructions and had it fixed in no time. thanx!

  • Argh! Got all the way to the fan connectors and on my MBP 2008, they are so small I have no idea how to pry them out. Needle nose plyers to pull directly out? Anyone? Please. :)

    • Try pulling them up gently, instead of out. They slot in from the top, they don’t slide in like normal larger connectors.

      • Thanks for that. Man, those wires are very small and so is the connector. I will try again after a few beers have settled my nerves…:)

        In order for me to keep track of the screws, I had a sheet of paper with STEP # written out and a circle below where I placed the screws inside the drawn circle. Worked like a charm!

        • Bingo! 3 beers and some silicone grease solved the problem. Needed the have the fan run high speed about 4 minutes but after that, she’s purring like a cat that’s not purring. :)

  • Thanks for the great information. Just got my mac book pro back together and it’s running quiet again.
    One precaution I would add is to be careful while removing the plastic fan. I broke one blade off of one fan from squeezing too hard while pulling it out.

  • boogiewoogie on 02.19.12 @ 8:10PM

    genius. i broke a fan blade, tried to stick it back together then mounted back. it just hung on for a few moments before giving up the ghost, twice. but now the fan doesn’t make any noise. thanks alot!

  • Awesome. I was floored when I saw a replacement was $50. No sir, not for a 2006 MBP. Lube worked a treat. Quiet now.

  • Ryan you are the freaking man, thank you for posting this fix. I was getting ready to take a hammer to my MBP with the jet engine fan noise, and came across this site. For lubricant I could not find any WD-40 in my house, so I used “Weapon Shield”, a new lubricant for firearms among other things. Found a lot of dust bunnies in the heat sink area and cleaned them out as best that I could, and now my MBP is as quiet as can be. Thanks for saving me about $150 which is what the local mac geek squad was going to charge me.

    One question, did anyone rip the heat sink tape when removing the fan? I ripped mine twice but was able to put it back almost in the same exact spots and all seems well. Just wondering.

  • It worked great on my MBP, many thanks for this article !

  • Thanks for the info – I may end up doing this eventually but found that I could avoid it by setting the fans to max speed using smcFanControl and it has been quiet for 3 days as long as I don’t try to pick up the laptop (as to hold it in my lap) while it is running. When I did and it started again, I simply closed it, let it power down, then opened it again. A decent workaround until I get the tools & some time.

  • Your Noisiest Fan on 03.27.12 @ 10:10PM

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you! I first cleaned the fans according to instructions I found before I came across your post (not to mention that the screws that hold the fan assembly in place were stuck [*]). Anyways, cleaning alone didn’t work. I opened the machine again and did the WD 40. It worked.

    Thanks again.

    [*] — if anybody has a problem with stuck screws you should get a pair of 18 or 20 AWG sheer cutters or some call it flush cutters (, grab the screw head by its sides and twist. Be careful so pliers don’t slip and damage something on the logic board. Takes some time and patience but it works.

  • I love this fixit. Worked great for left fan noise on 2006 MBP. A few suggestions:

    Re lubricant: Advise against any oil as it will go everywhere and not stay in the bearing (it evidently works). Advise against WD-40 as this is not really a lubricant, but kerosene and works by dissolving old grease. I used white lithium grease. I like the suggestions of silicone-based grease. The dry lubricants are tempting, but they will not be taken into the pores of what looks to be a brass or bronze fan bearing. Wheel bearing grease would do.

    Re disassembly: The case top lifts straight up. The 2 tabs at left front are not bent, but are straight up. The 4 plastic “clips” over the CD drive have a straight-up-and-down action. So even tho the top tends to tip up because the back lifts easier than the front, work the front free before tipping too far. If the tabs bend, straighten to a straight up position before reassembly.

    Re wiring connectors: All of these slide to the left except the connector for the ambient light sensor. For the latter, the brown flap lifts from the left edge to release the ribbon cable. It is not really a connector at all. Best tool to slide the connectors with is something small and bluntly tipped, wood or plastic. Not having the classic “Spudger”, I cut a strip from plastic spray paint can lid and shaped it with a pocket knife. Also the exact wiring configuration varies with the model of MBP, as my wiring looks like the above, but there is a Fixit in for other models and the wiring is slightly different.

    Re screws: 2 of the tiny little Philips head screws are shorter than all the others. Make sure you know where these go. I had to guess.

    Thanks again for a great Fixit.

  • Awesome! Thanks so much. I’ve had it apart before to upgrade the HD, so I wasn’t too worried. I did have the thought when I had it apart though to go ahead and give the right fan some attention too. The left is now so whisper quite even at max rpm compared to the right, that I wish I would have. So for those of you who have the foresight to read the comments ahead of time, go ahead and do both!

  • Super! Worked like a charm! (I am on a Macbook from 2008)

    Greetings from Germany

  • I have a MBP ’06 which i take with me to my computer programming class everyday..
    but then a lilttle by little.. my left fan started making clicking(?) noises..
    at first, it wasn’t all that loud
    over the course of a little over a month
    it just got louder and louder to the point where i couldn’t take my laptop to class anymore..

    but this worked for me and now my fan is quite once again!


    • btw WD-40 won’t work as well as actually lubricant.. i used silicon based mechanical lubricant.

  • Barry G. Sumpter on 04.30.12 @ 9:07PM

    Would have spent a small forture n too much time without me MBP if I had gone to a repair shop.
    Whisper quiet now.
    Thanks Heaps!

  • Awesome post. The noise was driving me crazy and the Geniuses at the Apple Store told me it would take days to get the fans in.


  • I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but PLEASE don’t use WD-40 on your fans! Use 3-in-1 oil instead. WD-40 was not meant for parts that run at high-speed and fairly constantly.

  • Great stuff, thanks.
    I was in the middle of writing a paper for school when this happened. You safed me a lot of trouble, time and money. Thank you very very much.

  • you owe me a new macbook pro
    i lubricated the fan with WD40 just like you said and it screwed up my logic board and I had to replace it for $550!!!!

  • I’m looking forward to trying this, but only because I read almost all the posts and the majority are positive. (The following post is the ONLY negative I could find) There are also dry alternatives given to lubricate that will quell the fears most of us have of putting liquid anything even near a laptop! Hope I have the same success as the majority of those who have posted here!

  • Thanks for the tip! My right fan was making a racket even at 1500rpm and would not go above 2000 at all. This has probably extended the life of my old MBP by a few months.

    You do need to be careful though – use too much liquid lubricant (e.g. WD40) and it will splash onto other components and may damage them. Also it is easy to break the keyboard/trackpad ribbon cable. If you do accidentally damage something, look for a broken MBP on eBay (often its the screen that is broken and you can recycle the other parts.)

  • Just wanted to leave a big Thank You – this worked for me on my 15-inch early 2008 MacBook Pro.

    Just a few helpful notes…

    Once you pop the top off your laptop, you can take some compressed air and fire it into the fan so it spins the fanblades. When I did this, one fan spun silently and continued spinning for a couple seconds after. The OTHER fan made the humming sound and stopped immediately, so I oiled that fan spindle and all was good.

    You may not have to remove the T6 screws – I was able to just remove the two Phillips screws of the fan top and then open the top of the fan assembly using the existing tape as a hinge.

    A note about using WD40 – I removed the plastic fan portion and sprayed WD40 onto the spindle but of course there was some excess liquid on the interior housing, so I just used a Qtip to soak up the excess, making sure not take any off the spindle.

    • Yoo dude.. awesome. I’m not sure what that guys with the broken logic board was doing. Maybe he sprayed it directly into the logic board? and maybe a little in super drive too? lol You directions were simple and clear and then common sense filled in the rest of the gaps.

      I too did the compressed air in the vent to see which one was making the noise. Again to the OP.. Great job.

  • Worked perfectly for me! I didn’t use any compressed air to clean, but did blow on it lightly, and used a lint free cloth to wipe away dust. Also used a Q-Tip to remove excess WD40 from inside the fan just like the comment posted below. Worked perfectly for me! Thanks for saving me the trip to the Apple Store plus the $100+ that they most likely would have tried to charge me!

  • Just took apart my ’06 MB with my dad – we got to taking part the fan and he refused to let me take it apart any further… :P so we just sprayed a bit of silicon lube into the fan itself. Sitting here typing this up with the fan a good 80% quieter than what it was doing before – thanks for the tips/help!

  • WD40 is a terrible lubricant. It is attracts dust. Get triflow, or some silicone spray. much better. silicone spray will not gunk up from dust. it repels it.

  • Thank you for instructions. I fixed my wife extremely loud right fan on her early 2008 MacBook Pro. I originally used WD-40, and of course wiped up any excess, but the noise came back 1 month later. This time I have add a drop of machine oil that came with my hair clippers. Hopefully, this will last longer.

  • thx for the great howto!!
    ive cleaned the fans and now im testig if there a not so noisy anymore!

    @yousuck come on!

  • Fiona Brophy on 07.3.12 @ 9:37AM

    I have never felt more satisfied from doing a repair in my life!! I have been living with a gentle whirring from my right fan for a few years! This morning it escalated to a very loud grinding (it was so loud it drowned out the radio that was on). I rang a few repair centres and it would have taken 2-3 working days and 100-150 euro to replace a fan (estimates).
    I followed the guide showing me how to open the laptop and remove the fan and then opened the fan and cleaned the little metal pin with a qtip soaked in wd40 so there was no excess. I sprayed the wd40 into the lip of the can. Dipped the qtip into it. Then used the qtip to gently clean the pin. There was a lit of dirt on the pin itself, especially on the little groove near the top. Then dipped the other end of the qtip into the wd40 (clean end) and ran this over the pin too leaving a tiny trace of lubrication on it. Put it all back together and Oh My God my laptop is now SILENT. I mean really silent. I can’t stop smiling. Best ever. And I am by no means a techie.
    Thank you so much for the great fix , the satisfaction and the savings! I feel like opening the machine up again and cleaning the left fan just for the fun!

  • You, Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. It truly was an easy procedure. Couple of screws and that’s all there is to. I didn’t even take the fan assembly out. Unscrewed it, lifted it up and pulled the fan off of it. Cleaned it out and generously applied silicon oil. I can’t believe that it was that easy to fix. It literally sounded like a helicopter that is about to take off before, now you don’t hear anything at all anymore.

    Again, thank you thank you thank you. I was just about to order a new fan when I stumbled on your article.

  • Ryan!
    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I live outside the USA and to get a fan replaced would have cost $150+, so forget that. Then I was going to order a fan from the U.S. and have it shipped International, and that would have been about $100. I was actually doing a search online of where to buy the part and, I came across your article.
    I followed you directions to a “T” and also did like Fiona Brophy and applied WD40 with a Q-tip. All was very easy. I revved it up to 6000rpm using smcFanControl like you suggested and It’s so silent I can’t believe it. No more lawn mover noise coming from my MB Pro.
    Big Thanks!

  • I just wanted to say thanks so much, I followed your instructions and now my MacBook Pro (late 2008) runs quietly like it was day one.

  • Wow – this was a fantastic repair. You are a hero for posting this. Easy as pie with your help. I used a drop of sewing machine oil, and a Q-tip to wipe everything down so there was no excess oil anywhere. Worked like a charm. The sound of a roaring train is back down to a gentle whisper. Bless you! I can’t imagine how that one person who posted had any troubles — that post should be removed, honestly.

  • This worked great for me! I just used this tutorial to take everything apart:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

  • Jorge Belchior on 08.9.12 @ 11:08PM

    This worked perfect, thanks ;)

  • Thank you for showing how this is done, it worked really well for me here in the UK. And my ageing Mac ran silently for about 2 days when the noise returned. So, I did it again trying to keep to the letter, and again it worked very well. I soaked the spindle in WD40, closed the Mac, and lo and behold silence again…for another 3-4 days, when the noise slowly returned. Some more research revealed that WD40 (WD=water dispersant) is at best a temporary fix. A better fix would be using gun oil which has disulphide in it and has teflon, and is also considered a “dry” lubricant. Gun oil was a little difficult and complex for me to obtain so after some more research, I found a “dry” lubricant in a cycle shop, of all places, at a very reasonable price of just under £4. It’s a small 60ml dropper bottle called Dry Teflon Bike Lube, dry because it’s in a waxy mixture which goes dry on contact with air. A few drops on the spindle and my noisy Mac has gone silent as it was before. This may prove to be a more lasting fix than using WD40. But all n all, this article has been very useful, so thank you.

  • Thanks for the info; helped me out a lot! Laptop sounds good as new

  • This doesn’t work on the unibody macbooks… the fan blades are permanently mounted in their enclosure…if you remove the sticker on the bottom of the fan, you can see what looks like the pinion and a place to oil, but I”m not so sure as these are maglev fans…I place a drop of oil here and put them back in and they seem quieter…time will tell if it works, but you definitely cannot remove the blades as shown in this DIY

  • Thanks so much for this guide. This will help my MBP last just a bit longer while I save for one of the new Retina MBPs.

  • Hi, thank for the blog. This article really helped.

    When I heard the noise, I the first thing that came to my mind is how much is this going to cost me. Thankfully, it sounds like is not that much.

    Thanks again.

  • BarrySumpter on 09.15.12 @ 12:32AM

    Well done!
    I can confirm the wd40 is only a temporary fix.
    I’ve just completed this work for the second time using shaver oil.
    Should have read all the comments first where someone suggested dry bike oil with teflon.
    Thanks again.
    I’ve just informed my lady that we’ve now save $300 in total.

  • I have been hearing this noise for the past two days. Definitely from the right side of the keyboard area, and when I pushed on the Delete, }], |\, Return or “‘, keys, it obviously changed tone. If I tapped on the right speaker area, it would lessen, and sometimes go away altogether, for a couple of minutes, then slowly creep back into existence.

    I thought is was an HD issue, so I YouTubed how to replace MacBook Pro HD, and saw in that video, where the HD was, and being nowhere near the source of the noise, but the fan was, I immediately figured that my computer has had a hard life. I’ve never had it apart, so there was likely some debris, or dirt, of some sort that got in there, with the fan. So, I opened it up, and had my handy-dandy can of Dust Off, compressed gas. Lord, there was a lot of crud, that came out of there. So I sprayed, until I got no more crud out, and re-assembled it, figuring it was all good, now.

    WRONG!!! The noise is still there. So I Googled MacBook Pro fan noise, and this was the first hit. Now I know what my problem is. But, I’d like to suggest a light machine oil, or some sort of tuner cleaner/lubricant, rather than WD-40. WD-40 does lubricate, but not well. It tends not to last. WD-40 does one thing well. It does nearly everything, except take out the garbage. And anytime something has that wide range of applications, it seems miraculous, but that’s more to do with how much can be done with it. A good spritz, with some good lubricant, or with Caig’s DeoxIT Gold G5L or dab a bit of sewing machine oil, or any high quality THIN, yet lasting, lubricant on it, and it should last longer than the computer will be a viable resource.

    So, thanks for your tutorial, it is going to help me, tomorrow morning, when I open it back up, and do your procedure. I hope I was able to add something positive, to the discourse, on this subject.

  • Rather than use WD40, I tried a couple of drops of Mobil 1. Had it on hand and it worked great.

  • Thanks!! Worked just as easy as you described. No noise now.

  • Almost 9 months to the day and the fan started acting up again. Remembered this GEM of a website, and it is once again quiet as a mouse. Thanks a million!

  • thanks man!! it really works… saved my time , energy and money… worth a try..

  • Thanks for the info on quieting the fans. I just got done (used sewing machine oil on a Q-tip) and the fans were so quiet that I was glad to see via the smc app that they were operating.

  • I tried this a week ago and it works! Today, being a week later, and my previous horrendously loud fan is still silent. I’m so pleased!

    BUT, don’t use WD40. I used a sewing machine lubricant and it’s been awesome. I also hear that 3-1 lubricants work too from other reviewers, so that’s worth a try.

    I would caution you not to even open up your machine until you have a proper lubricant. Why? Because I tried the WD40 first, within 2 hours, the airplane noise had come back. Also, every time you open up your machine, you’re tempting fate. Me=clumsy.

    So, I’ve had this computer for at least 4 years. The fan was most definitely dusty. Also, you HAVE to take the fan blade out. Period. I was really worried that I’d break something trying to get it out but I managed to get away without any catastrophes. With that said, plenty of folks on here have commented that they accidentally snapped a fan blade. That didn’t seem to hurt the performance any, but lets not do that. A can of air duster won’t clear out the fan and the lubricant can only be applied once you take out the fan.

    Once you get the fan blade out, take a pair of tweezers or your fingernails and clear out the debris that has been compacted inside the fan housing. My little dust bunny was quite large, and very adorable. By “large” I mean (1.5 inches by .5 inch by .5 inch of pure compacted 4 years worth of dust).. inside the fan housing. Now, the fan was moving alright despite that dust bunny, but it definitely needed lubrication and a good cleaning. Speaking of lubricating the fan, use a generous amount of lubricant on the little fan piece, snap her back in to place, and get the hell out of there. Be gentle. So many little parts.. me clumsy. I just. I’m flabbergasted that I didn’t screw anything up, frankly.

    I had a mini meltdown, gave myself a pat on the back. And now I’m a pro at it. Thanks for all the help, commenters. You’re awesome!

  • Hey mate, it worked!
    I used bicycle lub and now my mid-2010 macbook pro is silent as the silence itself. Thank you!

  • I’v repaired with WD-40 and now it is ok, but I have read all over the web that WD-40 is not a good solution…
    So, I really wonder how long my fan will be ok… You have sad 9 months, but what was the end of the story?

  • Thank you so much. Just saved me $50.00!
    I took it apart about 5 times and kept adjusting, cleaning, aligning, and no matter what I did, it was so loud, it sounded like a helicopter landing on my roof. (not that much of an exaggeration, it was LOUD!).
    I just never tried to pull the blades off because I was afraid of breaking them, but with this information, I could see that it was safe to do.
    I brushed out and blew out the fan and spindle more after removing the blades, then just a few drops of gun oil on the axle, and they are so quite now, I had to run SMC Fan Control to make sure they were both on. It’s that quiet!
    Just hope if lasts.
    Thank you!

  • The whizzing fan has ben a problem with my old macbook pro from 07. Itd been acting up and and geting super noisy and sputtering even. Then thered be days where it didnt act up at all. It started to get louder and louder. THe repair shop said itd be around $150 to replace the fan. The hardware store by my house had an electrical repair kit, with all the necessary screwdrivers n bit sizes for $6.00 .. Less than an hour later and carefully following this tutorial. My laptop is now cool and quiet. THANK YOU!!

  • Thanks for this D.I.Y. tip. Worked like a charm.
    Actually, I somehow managed to snap one of the fan blades when cleaning them, but everything still runs cool and silent. Hopefully everything stays quiet for a while.

  • thankful13 on 01.2.13 @ 4:51AM

    Just did this with a late-2009 MacBook Pro! It worked (needs a #000 screw driver to open fan)! Thank you so much! I thought I’d have to have it repaired again!

  • Dear Ryan,
    could you please, please do the same tutorial on MacBook White 13″?
    I got so discouraged when googling it, it seems that prying open MacBook 13″ is 10 times more complicated that doing that on MacBook Pro. I need to salvage my MacBook… it sounds sometimes like a lawn-mower, sometimes like Mongolian throat singing, crazy. Thank youu, and you help is so very much appreciated :)

  • Excellent post. My 2009 MacBook Pro was screaming like a banshee, but after a pretty easy 15 min. repair, it’s as quiet as the day I bought it. I used PTFE lubricant instead of WD-40. Thank you.

    • Jeremy Heslop on 01.11.13 @ 6:58PM

      My 17″ Mbp had been doing the same thing thanks to the kids. Took it apart and blew it out without wd40 and it started doing it within a few hours. So I took it apart again and this time put wd40 on the fan post. Works great now!

  • This worked right away thank you!

  • it didnt fix it for me, but it sure hushed a bit.

  • WD40 is not a lubricant. (google that) You should use a very small amount of some grease or teflon if you have it — I mean REALLY small — on that post. Bike shops have some good stuff. You can clean it with WD40 first, but then actual lubricant will make this repair last much longer.

  • I just did this to my machine. Worked a treat. Thanks for posting!

  • Thank you for this post Ryan! Luckily I hadn’t spent a lot of time searching for a solution before I stumbled across your lovely fix! Had watch a “painful” video done by some kid that didn’t even say how to fix the problem. (least I don’t think so…couldn’t bare the kiddy jokes him getting sidetracked)

    But this solution is simple and easy…and I agree the dis-assembly of the macbook pro should be rated easy, especially if you ever dealt with a laptop before. I had the tools on hand and had it fixed in less than 30 mins. Can’t thank you enough, definitely saved me time and money. (and my sanity :-), the noise was driving me nuts)

  • Very useful post, and link to step-by-step instructions.
    I had a very noisy fan and so pulled my macbook apart and cleaned dust out. However, when I put back together, the fan didn’t work at all!!
    Started looking at buying a replacement, then had an idea. Took it apart again, and this time I put a small amount of HAIR CLIPPER OIL on the fan’s axel!!
    Put it all back together and now have a perfectly functioning, quiet fan again!

  • Great post and simple fix. Agree that there are better lubes than WD40. Hey how about a book on “Preventative Maintenance for your Mac”… my fan spindle is pitted and will have to replace (both) fans but had I been aware of this issue a year ago, some lube and 30 minutes could have avoided the replacement for who knows how many years to come. Thanks!

  • My Macbook Pro 17 had been making a hell of a racket, luckily I found this and within a half an hour the problem was solved, I didn’t even need the special torx screwdriver, I used a watchmaker’s 1.4mm flathead and it worked perfectly. I chickened out with the left fan as that would have meant removing the charging unit and probably even more stuff, but it was the right one that was making the noise, and once I’d removed it I saw that the filter was blocked with dust and stuff so got rid of that and everything is running fine now. Thanks for posting this, it really is easy, if not a bit fiddly with all the tiny screws! Cheers!!

  • This procedure works for the Samsung NP-SF410 fan assembly as well. Thanks for the tutorial. It was GREAT!

  • Visionscaper on 04.20.13 @ 2:28PM

    The WD-40 did the trick for the fans on my Mac Book Pro Late 2008, no more squeaking noise. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you!! I looked up the price and it was going for $50 huge ripoff it didnt even cross my mind to try and fix the fan now i have to go buy wd-40 im out lol.

  • “easy if you’re coordinated.” You’re right about that, Ryan! I’m actually among those people who want to do the repair themselves and just buy some macbook replacement parts. Knowing which repair is easy or difficult actually depends on the person since this skill can be relative. And by the way, thanks for this guide!

  • boomer0127 on 07.5.13 @ 3:02AM

    Yet another satisfied customer! Was doing a heavy iMovie export and fans were a-blazin’. Next thing i know my 2008 17″ MBP is making the worst racket! Sounded like it was a fan and likely the right fan. Took her apart (I’m not shy I have done many a dissection of all sorts of Mac laptops) and after trying to figure out how to spudge the video connector cable from the motherboard (just pull it gently horizontal) I had success! Sprayed WD40 on a Qtip , then hit the spindle and the blades and put it all back together and it works great! total time between noise and fix was about 40 min. woot!


  • This worked perfectly

  • Thanks for sharing. The right-side fan on my MBP was rattling, this cured it and was a great excuse to clean up the inside of the computer with compressed air.

    One word of caution – the fan blades are *very* brittle, so use caution while removing it from the assembly.

  • Just bought a 2008 Macbook Unibody from a friend,

    After an hour of using it, the noisy fan would come on several times then shut off.. Very annoying, especially if you are in a quiet room!

    Thanks for this tutorial, i’m gonna try it once i get home.

  • Excellent tutorial. Thanks for your generosity, it saved me a good deal of money.

  • Thanks it worked, my macbook is like new now :))

  • The instruction was excellent. I only suggest a lubricant such as “tri-flow”. Sure worked for my Macbook Pro. I appreciate your time in doing the documentation.

  • THANK YOU!!!

  • Benny Wenny on 12.6.13 @ 6:27PM

    I was considering doing this, then i just blew into the exhaust and it fixed it, was so scared but now so happy!

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  • hello,

    thanks for your tip! u just saved me a 100 eur :D i was scared to damage something but it works great… finally silence :DD happy!!

  • Stumbled across this when my 2008 MacBook Pro’s left fan started screaming like a banshee after installing a new SSD. I thought I might’ve damaged a sensor or cable, but all the temp readings looked fine. After following this guide (lubricating with some red pipe grease), the fans are silent as can be. Awesome!

  • Thank so much for this tutorial! I never even thought I could successfully open my MBP, let alone put it back together! The fan noise made me do it. Couldn’t stand it anymore, so I went down to Home Depot, got the right screwdriver set and compressed air, and an voila! No noise….I do have a left over screw though…where does that go? Thank You!

  • Awesome tips! I just did pretty much what you said except couldnt get the fan apart….still blowing away all the built up dust seems to have solved the noise problem :)

  • Worked just fine for me!!! Nice and quiet again … thank you very much!

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  • Thanks so much. just did this took the bones of two hours as the screws drove me nuts to get out. Thankfully no noise so far. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Ryan Farnes on 07.16.14 @ 11:45PM

    Just performed it on an A1226, a 2007 Macbook Pro model. Went from rickety fan noise to a delightfully quiet whirring nothing.

    Kudos on a timeless self fix over 5 years after this post went live & $45 saved.

  • Steve Wanless on 07.19.14 @ 5:21PM

    Thanks, saved me a bunch of time and money