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How to Remove Horizontal Banding Artifacts from DSLR Footage

Caleb Pike has posted a video at DSLR Video Shooter for removing horizontal banding artifacts from DSLR footage using Final Cut Pro’s “Limit Effect” tool. This technique should only come as a last resort, however, as the best offense is a good defense: shoot at 1/50 shutter speed in most European countries (or anywhere 50Hz electricity and/or PAL video is standard), and 1/60 in the US and other NTSC locales, and you should be fine.

[via FilmmakerIQ]


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  • Jakob op den Brouw on 12.27.10 @ 8:11AM

    I’m having the same problem with a series of interviews but I work with Adobe Premier Pro. Just wondering what the equivelant steps would be in Premier Pro to achieve the same effect.