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Desktop Effects Have Come a Long Way: Russian Transformers Shot on a Canon T2i

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This DIY Russian “adaptation” of Michael Bay’s Transformers was shot in two hours and edited in a month. Despite it copying the worst Hollywood has to offer (the second Transformers was one of the least-entertaining action films I’ve ever seen, and I’m not the only one to think that — it has a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), props to these guys. Presumably they will get paid effects work out of this demo, and in that regard it’s a good calling-card type of project. Remember when you used to need a room-sized computer to do this kind of stuff? Shot on a Canon T2i (known as the 550D overseas) and Nikon D5000, animated in 3ds Max.

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  1. I recommend for training because it’s how I learned Photoshop, which got me a job MTV. []


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  • Great modelling! I think the harder part of this is to well design a robot that is also a car. Nice to see the kind of breakdown, I think we all know how this is done, but it is always interesting to see some wires and default renders.

  • #1.) I’m glad they were shirtless. The effects couldn’t have come alive without that touch.

    #2.) When even the Russians are hip to the whilelm scream in parody, I think that’s run it’s course as a “funny subversive thing sound designers do.” It was a 60 year good run, fellas.

  • Amazing what you can do on a miniscule budget. I guess this proves that skills and talent are more important than the equipment at one’s disposal.