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Free Multi-Touch iPad Color Correction App Emulates $25k Control Surfaces

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Serious colorists don’t use a mouse; they use a much more capable hardware control surface based around three trackballs that control lift, gamma, and gain. These hardware devices are important because they give the colorist control over multiple push-pull adjustments at the same time. Such surfaces have traditionally run $25k or more, but Tangent Devices managed to get this triple-trackball interface down in price to $1,500 with their Wave Control Surface released last year. Now they’ve created a brilliant virtual version using the iPad’s multi-touch screen. Here’s a video of the interface in action, and instructions to get the free application:

Here’s how to get the free app, which works with Apple Color. First, download vWAVE-Lite. I’ll relay the rest of the instructions from ProVideo Coalition:

Then you have to go on to Tangent Devices website. Click on Products and choose vWave-Lite. There is a link to provide your email and Tangent Devices will email you the information to download the 3.8 Tangent Color Support Package. When you get the email, download the linked app (along with a pdf Quickstart Guide and manual, if you want) and follow the simple instructions to install it. Once the app is installed, you launch Apple Color and one of the first dialog boxes you’ll see is the Control Surface Dialog. From the pulldown menu, select Tangent Color Plugin v3.8. As long as your Mac running Color is on the same network as the WiFi that your iPad is using, they will automatically be linked!

I don’t have an iPad (yet), and I don’t use Color (I’m a Magic Bullet user). Anyone had a chance to give this a shot yet?

[via ProVideo Coalition]


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  • im gonna give this ago. Then next time someone says why did you buy an ipad?! il say watch this…ha in your face! lol

  • Gave this a go on the weekend on my housemates ipad. Great free app and makes me want to use colour a bit more. Going to give it more of a go this weekend with some 5D/60D footage. Have used the CP200 panels also by Tangent and the app is definitely comparable to the response of those panels. More than anything, it’s just really cool to grade using an Ipad.

  • I’m a Magic Bullet guy too but this is such a cool idea! I love my ipad – I’ll have to give this a try :)

  • Duncan Shepherd on 03.15.11 @ 4:27AM

    I’ve been using this with apple color, and it’s great. A big improvement over using the mouse.

    I’ve also set up a custom keypad for color to make some sense of their idiotic UI, using an app called KeyPadPro. (You can find it under “dunc289″ on their “in-app” forum)

    And whilst I’m on the subject, start using the trackpad with color, everything you thought you needed a 3 button mouse for, is all much easier with the trackpad. Especially timeline commands. You can also scroll the numerical values up and down.

  • This is so cool. Works like a charm. It took me a few minutes to figure out what finger slides did what, but after that, wow, so much easier and more fun than slapping a mouse around.

  • Very good app, but the “undo” (command-z) function does’t seems to work…

  • claude riban on 02.19.13 @ 10:33AM

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I was in the process of migrating away from Color, but wow…this is a bit of a game changer, especially when you have clients present. I hope apple is working on an ipad integrated tool like this…but i’m still waiting for them to upgrade the macbook pro, so i’m not holding my breath.