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NoFilmSchool is Looking for Guest Posts!

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Have a filmmaking experience you’d like to share? Got your hands on some good (or bad) equipment? Record a helpful tutorial? Interview another filmmaker? All of this content is of interest to us, but I simply don’t have the time or resources to cover every story out there. I have managed to build a site that’s read by thousands of filmmakers and other creatives every day, however, and as a result writing a guest post here can be a great source of exposure for you and/or your project.

Your content doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive here — you could also post it on your own blog. I’m looking to bring in more valuable content for the time being using the Huffington Post model, wherein contributors do it for the exposure rather than for the money (many writers at HP are unpaid, although I’m sure the Post can afford to pay them; unfortunately, NFS is not bringing in enough revenue to hire other writers — yet). The value of cross-posting here is you get more exposure for yourself and your project, and of course we’ll link back to your own site (or other online presence — Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) at the top and bottom of your guest post. Here are some example guest posts:

As Mike’s post demonstrates, if your content is original and thought-provoking (or controversial, in his case), it can spread like wildfire through social media.1 I can say from experience that posting a quality article to a site with little traffic can be an exercise in frustration,2 as building an audience takes a lot of time and effort. So, now that I’ve built a growing audience (this year’s traffic is charted at left), I’d like to open up the site for others to share their experiences. If you’ve got something you’d like to share, please email me or leave a comment here.

Besides the exposure, another benefit of guest-posting is backlink building, which helps your own site gain exposure (assuming you have your own blog, production company, or any other web site). Google ranks sites using a number of factors, but chief among them is the number of incoming links — and if your site is linked to by sites that are larger than yours, those links carry more weight.

One final thing: at some point in the future, NoFilmSchool will be hiring writers; guest-posting here now is great way to get a leg up. In the current economy, paying jobs that you can do anywhere, on your own time, are certainly rare. Blogging isn’t for everyone, but writing about a topic that’s directly related to your career comes with a lot of perks, and there exists a symbiotic relationship between the two: your blogging helps your career, and your career helps your blogging. Just something to consider!


I’ve never been shy about the fact that one of my goals with this site is to build it up to the point where it’s multi-author (this is one of the reasons you won’t find my name in the site title). When I’m working on a film project, I can’t keep up the same posting schedule, and I’d like to bring in writers with different experiences and expertise. Unfortunately, this is a ways off. Pursuing this goal, I recently explored the possibility of a small business bank loan, spurred on by President Obama’s Small Business Jobs Act; I also tested out peer-to-peer lending sites like Prosper and Lending Club. But despite America being the “land of opportunity,” in the current economy the only people who are eligible for halfway decent loans (or any loan, period) are those who already have significant assets (a house, a boat, or plenty of money already in the bank). It’s been an interesting experience, to find out that despite doing everything right (in terms of personal credit, I’ve never missed a credit card payment, and in terms of this site, I have all sorts of analytics that demonstrate a direct link between traffic and revenue), in the eyes of the bank, you have to already have money in order to be eligible for a loan. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a loan! I suppose this is why folks seek out angel investors who might be less risk adverse. Anyway, just thought I’d share this ongoing story, given that being an “independent creative” these days requires finding a number of revenue streams.

  1. The Twitter count is low because I’ve since switched from Tweetmeme to Twitter’s own URL-shortening service, which reset all counts to zero site-wide. []
  2. I’m talking about my own site, in its early days. []


We’re all here for the same reason: to better ourselves as writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, photographers... whatever our creative pursuit. Criticism is valuable as long as it is constructive, but personal attacks are grounds for deletion; you don't have to agree with us to learn something. We’re all here to help each other, so thank you for adding to the conversation!

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  • I’m new here and totally new to film-making, but I would love to see a lot more beginner type articles on here or start-up type posts. While overall awesome material here already, most of what I’m finding is catered towards people already seasoned to the profession. Something to consider for guest spots possibly.

    Anyway, maybe I don’t know how to search right.

  • this sounds like a very nice idea. Im a young filmmaker from germany and i dont really have that much money to spend so im going a really diy way. I have an upcoming project and want to do some behind the scenes stuff and comment on my way of movie making. Is it interesting for you as a guest post?

  • im not a writer, but i can shoot it, and submit it as a video story. would you except that?

  • I think this is a really great opportunity for filmmakers, like my self who are just starting a blog, to get some traffic to our sites and share our experiences as filmmakers so we can give back to the community we gained some much from. Thanks Koo!

  • Michael Stewart on 11.18.10 @ 4:30PM

    Hey there Koo

    I am brand new at film making, actually downloaded your cinematography packet and found very informative.
    I would be interested in sharing my finds as I embark on this DSLR FILM MAKING Journey…I just started a blog myself which as I get more things set I will send the information…Let me know what I need to do to get started!

    Thanks for your consideration…

  • I’m very interested in writing some guest posts. I’ve been blogging for about 6 years and I’m often conflicted when it comes to writing about film industry related things, because most of my readers aren’t really interested in technical writing about film. I’ll contact you the next time I write a gear review or would like to share an insight. I really enjoy your site!

  • Hi Koo,

    I’m interested. I’m a filmmaker from Brazil and I started shoot something crazy: wedding events with a full cinematographic approach. Far more important than the film-like look from my DSLR, my main concern is at structural and narrative level.

    We’ve made two short films with no actually actors – we shot a film telling a real story (yet cinematic) with the couple themselfs.

    It’s quite a challenge. Any kind of production is hard, ideed. And we dont have that budged, we direct non actors and, the major challenge: there aren’t previous experience, even in internet (rare occasions). We’ve got to developt a production scheme, figure out how to extract something from our “actors”, estabilish a well planned post-production. The outcome was incredible: two shorts and people are lovin.

    You can see whether I talking to much for nothing by seen our movies: (with english subtitle)

    and here: (no words, narrative constructured with imagens, actions and songs)
    password: andressapontoum

    Hope you like

  • Greetings,

    Love the work you’ve done with this site, and would love to contribute.

    I am currectly directing a feature-length doc on the indie rock band, The Replacement, called COLOR ME OBSESSED ( My last feature, FRIENDS (WITH BENEFITS), is currectly available on DVD, or is streaming on Fancast and Babelgum. I’m doing a making of CMO on my blog covering every aspect of indie production from fund raising, to gear, crew, posters, etc., and would love to share it here.

    Drop me a note if you like what you see.


  • Huffington post, Huffington post…. she makes millions while others are starving. great example!

    • At the current rate I would be several hundred years old by the time NoFilmSchool “makes millions.” You can bet if it gets to that point, however, that I will re-invest that money in film projects, making this site better, hiring writers and helping support others, etc. I have no desire to buy a yacht!

  • beyond interested in posting. sharing. living. breathing. friending. hanging. slangin. love it. friend it. sounds good as news. This is a grand idea about grand ideas. Although I’m fresh in the land known as the country of nofilmschool, my time in this world has proved enjoyable. I shall make camp and stay for at least just a while.

  • I’m currently in my last year at University doing TV Production, and so am just starting out, but I would be interested in helping out if I can think of something to talk about! =]

    Also just wanted to say great website! It’s really helpful and I have found it very useful!

  • Hey, I would be interested in possibly doing some guest posts on NFS. I have a Bachelor’s in Digital Filmmaking, so I did go to film school (so hopefully I wouldn’t contradict your site, lol). Right after graduation, I went into Promotional Commercial production position at an NBC affiliate. I have also worked on a few independent documentaries (and have experienced the down side to production/compensation negotiations with this experience). Anyway, let me know if I fit the profile you are looking for.

  • I hope you guys received many because i love what people say in your guest post.


  • Are you still looking for guest posts for this site?