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Darren Aronofsky Talks About Film School, His Early Years, and Gives Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers

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Darren Aronofsky, who needs no introduction, sits down below for an interview about his early years attending graduate film school at AFI, his experiences famously shooting Pi for $20k, and gives some worthy advice for up-and-coming filmmakers.

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I’ll excerpt this quote from Aronofsky, in response to what he’d tell aspiring filmmakers:

If you want to be a filmmaker the best thing you can bring to the world is your own story. There’s something that’s very personal to you and that you have your own singular connection to, that if it’s really important to you, there are people all over the planet that will relate to it. The mistakes happen when you try to figure out what everyone likes. Because the only thing you can be sure of is what you like. And the reality is what you like ends up being what a lot of people like, as we’re all going through a similar journey. That’s the magic of film.

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  • Aronofsky really is a great inspiration to young filmmakers like myself.

    I wholeheartedly agree that what brings a film alive is a story that you’re honestly passionate about. It’s not about making a film others will like because many human emotions are shared. What you like, might actually be liked by other individuals!

    Thank to this, I think I’m going to spend my night watching Requiem for a Dream again. Great Film!

  • There is a beautiful lack of bullshit in this interview.

  • Thanks for posting, interesting to hear about his education/early career.

  • i love filmmaking im working o a script now about a king from dominican republic the is looking for a better life but came doing on his own—– i live in the us and i want to publish my movie out here how came i do it if is going to in spanich

  • long island icetea on 05.24.11 @ 3:42AM

    screw u alberto

  • He supports child rape.

  • Christian Anderson on 11.15.12 @ 6:41PM

    The video no longer works. Anyone know where I can find it?

    • Updated with a working video. Can’t seem to turn autoplay off though.

      • Robert Jaffe on 01.20.13 @ 4:48PM

        Hi Ryan,

        Darn, yes it’s not just Danny’s browser, it still stops playing at 1:01 on mine as well
        (Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17) – in 10.8.2)
        Is there anywhere else online where we might be able to find this video?



  • I would love to view this video but I still can’t get it to work. It crashes @1:01 every time on every browser.

  • Todd rondy on 04.4.13 @ 9:36AM


    Also gets stuck at 1.01