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Sony's Complete Super 35mm Seminar from NAB 2011

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At this year’s NAB, a number of conferences and seminars were running just outside the show floors. One of the seminars I circled on my list was the Sony Super 35mm Seminar, put on by Vortex Media’s Doug Jensen, and I stopped by briefly only to get pulled away to another event. Sony has now posted the full video of the seminar; if you’re already familiar with both cameras, this likely won’t impart a ton of new information, but if you’d like to sit back and get an overview of both the Sony F3 and Sony FS100, here you go.

Doug’s company, Vortex Media, has a Sony F3 training video and there’s a FS100 training video on the way as well.

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  • Ryan-

    I was very disappointed in the PMW-F3 overview video (Part 2). Not only does Doug Jensen trash 24p about the camera, he doesn’t even recommend it. Now if I am not mistaken isn’t the F3 part of the CineAlta family? Which means that it is capable of 24p native (23.976p NTSC). Why would Sony let someone who shoots 30p & 60i normally on XDCAM cameras (such as the EX1 & EX3) talk about a CineAlta product? Surely Sony didn’t produce the camera for the ENG market. Second, he goes on to say that the PL mount Sony prime lenses (35,50,85mm) are good but not great lenses. This is true. But have no fear, he says, you can mount these on any PL mount camera, like the RED. So if you do no want them put them up for sale on eBay. This is untrue. Talk with Matt Duclos of Duclos Lenses and he will tell you otherwise. A guy that lives and makes a living around motion picture lenses. This is definitely not at you Ryan but Sony again disappoints with the “official video”. Good thing I read deeper than Sony’s spec sheet and PR material.

    • Hey, what’s up Chris –

      I played with the F3K lenses at NAB and here’s the thing about them: optically, they’re great. In terms of their physical build, they suck. They can’t be serviced and who knows how well they’ll hold up over time. That said, they’re real PL-mount fast primes that are less than half the price of the Zeiss CP.2s. So I do think select people will find them to hit the right niche. But you’re right, absolutely trust Duclos over Doug.

      I agree there’s a lot of PR fluff here. Still, thought it was worth posting for anyone interested in comparing the two cameras.

  • You were there? I was sitting three rows back.

    • I think they did it on a few different days — I showed up one day but had to leave a few minutes in.

    • Chris Luker on 05.19.11 @ 6:08PM

      This is the presentation I was at… I remember the questions… I was not impressed with either of these cameras build qualities or features. But I owned a RED at the time…

  • How ironic! After years of targeting film (celluloid) Sony is offering workshops on “Super 35mm”! Crazy crazy times indeed. Thanks for posting these, great information in any case.