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Are These the First Screenshots of the New Apple Motion? And FCP X Ships this Month, Right?

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There were no Final Cut Pro X-related announcements among the recent iOS and iCloud-focused Apple updates from WWDC, which was not unexpected (WWDC is not traditionally a film or video event). Except it was originally announced Final Cut Pro X will ship in June, which would mean the much-debanticipated (yes, FCP X hype deserves its own word, a combination of “debated” and “anticipated”) software has a scant three weeks to appear in the App Store. Since the original demonstration, videos, and screenshots, we’ve heard nothing. Then Twitter use BWilks2001 dropped these screenshots, which are reportedly of the new Apple Motion application:

Look at the below and let me know what you think — real or not? Click for large(r) versions — the originals are not full resolution.

Some interface elements look a tad strange to me, but that wouldn’t explain why someone would go to all the trouble to fake these so close to an official launch. If they’re real, then, this begs the question — what are “Rigs”?

[via AppleInsider]


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  • Like, in After Effects, you can create cameras for your animations. In CS5.5, you can actually create a “3D Rig” to create stereoscopic 3D compositions. So, maybe a rig refers to the AE equivalent creating a camera, or even a 3D camera?

    • Chris Larkee on 06.9.11 @ 1:55PM

      Motion already has 3D cameras.

      Rig is a common term in 3D character animation. Basically, it’s a skeleton that a mesh can be connected to, so that the mesh can be animated. Motion currently has the ability to parent things together to form basic hinges, but the use of the word “rig” here implies that they are getting more complex with it, and trying to improve the animation tools to a point where it could be used for animated characters, or at least making more complexly related objects.

      If you’ve never heard of rigging before, you’ll probably be impressed once you see a demo of inverse kinematics in action.

  • The answer is simple: white dude cops with personalty disorders who have much more stable colored partners to help create a film series with 4 or more action-comedy sequels.

  • So much for Motion being folded into FCPX. Hmm.