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Adobe Offers 50% Off to Final Cut Pro Users for Switching to Premiere Pro

Just a couple of years ago the statement, “step up to the toolset the pros use, Adobe Premiere” would be taken as a joke by any professional editor. Yet there it is on Adobe’s site, thanks to numerous updates over the years. And with the release of Final Cut Pro X, suddenly the easiest NLE to transition to from Final Cut Pro 7 is not FCPX but rather Premiere Pro. Recognizing this with what one can only assume are ear-to-ear grins, the folks at Adobe are offering 50% off Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium or Premiere Pro if you own Apple Final Cut Pro (or Avid Media Composer). Here are the details (and an instructional video for doing so):

Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer customers can receive a savings of 50% off the full version of Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium (Mac OS or Windows®) or Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5 software purchased through the Adobe Store. Adobe customers who own suite editions or individual products that qualify for upgrade pricing for Production Premium are also eligible to receive the same price (50% off the full version of Production Premium). When purchasing through the online Adobe Store, you must enter offer code SWITCH in the shopping cart before checking out when prompted to do so.

The offer’s good until September 30th.

Adobe has also launched a dedicated website for switchers, which highlights such issues as being able to use all of Final Cut Pro’s keyboard shortcuts within Premiere (which I’ve covered in the past).

Link: Adobe 50% Off Offer


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  • technically, couldnt anyone take advantage of this offer? regardless of whether you own or even use final cut / avid? i get that theyre marketing this to FCP people, but they could just say its 50% off, period, until september 30th.

    • I chatted with a sales rep and asked him(her) whether or not I would need to confirm that I own a copy of either Final Cut or Avid. Their response:

      “Yes, while you’re installing the Production Premium CS5.5, it will ask you the serial number for Final Cut ”

      Can anyone corraborate that?

  • That’s pretty funny, Adobe. And awesome for the people who were going to upgrade anyway!

  • Adobe does appear to be the future in industry standards especially after apple’s blunder. They should also offer the same deal for Vegas users and capture the entire market. Plus an incentive for all new users. The dynamic link is what sells it for me.

  • I think Adobe have been able to make more risks in recent years with features, they can release quicker and without too much worry that Premiere Pro isn’t seen as professional enough and is missing out on features, but with CS5, they have raised the bar for a lot of low budget productions, native DSLR and RED, Mercury engine which can be GPU enhanced by using just consumer graphics cards and CS5.5 just raised the bar again. And lets not forget how much integration there is between PPro, After Effects, Photoshop and other Adobe programmes – which is so useful.

    I think Apple waited a little bit, to see what the market did, seeing that Premiere Pro has caught up they’ve decided to release something completely different, to aim rather than for Prosumer/Professional, but for Consumer/Prosumer. Which financially makes sense, they’ll sell more at the cheaper price.

  • Apple is a game changer. Funny how they impact the industry and make others bring they’re price down. I think were in for a big surprise . I’ve been editing with FCPX and it’s great. Ive edited heavily with Vegas Pro and FCP7 and Premiere CS5. FCPX is the way to go (still give it time). iOS 5 , Lion, iPad? I don’t think Apple made a mistake. They made change and some will stay behind and other will follow this new trend and transition.

  • I’ve got one more project to edit on FCP7 and then I’m going to switch to Adobe CS5.5.
    Planning to shoot a feature on the Alexa this winter but can’t seem to find an Adobe post workflow anywhere.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me what’s what?

  • anyone had any luck with this promo code? I can’t get it to work

  • ignore that, the code only applies to the full version. it’s actually cheaper than an upgrade

  • I keep hearing there’s no proof of ownership necessary.

    I didn’t expect to be in this position even last week, but I’m really happy with my switch to CS5.5 so far. It feels more like an FCP8 more than I would’ve thought. Integration with After Effects (which I spent time learning instead of re-learning to edit on FCPX) is incredible and puts Motion to shame.

  • Now I’m really glad I learned how to work with Premiere a few years ago. Back then, people told me you’ll never need it, it’s just a toy program. lol ;-p

  • ron van hemert on 07.10.11 @ 6:54AM

    Apple and AVID have finally reached consensus – that of not listening to clients, and letting engineers design edit suites without much if any consultation of what editors need. Adobe, here I come, hope u stay as pro as you can and dont follow FCP route.