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Get Bitten by the Travel Bug: STA Australia's DSLR Shorts Span 38,000 Miles

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I won’t be surprised if you’ve already seen these, given the first short here has 3.3 million views at the time of this posting. Not bad for a couple of short commercials sponsored by STA Australia and shot on the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D. This triumvirate of travel videos covers 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, and a terabyte of footage, and are based on concepts of “movement, learning and food.” Here they are:

I don’t know about you, but these clips — the first one especially — make me want to hit the road. Full credits on Vimeo.

[via planet5D]


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  • saw the first one last week, really awesome.

  • AL HAMMADI on 08.9.11 @ 2:54PM


    I really liked your idea and the way that you presented

    Good job , and keep moving forward

  • on 08.9.11 @ 6:16PM

    can u plz tell me how they edited the move clip???

    • Something like that you have a to plan ahead of time and shoot a ton of footage of the guy walking towards and away from the camera on a tripod at the same level. Then you just cut it at the same distance from the camera for each clip. I’m thinking they did a little zooming and cropping to make it look as perfect as it did.

  • Wow, this was awesome.. dang man, really makes me want to travel right now.
    Thanks for sharing these vids!

  • John Sullivan on 08.11.11 @ 7:18PM

    absolutely brillian particularly the MOVE vid and I also love the music!

  • Harry Kemball on 08.12.11 @ 12:00AM

    I love kids who teach us new things.
    I taught film and television at UBC – best experience – pre-schoolers.
    The Open Mind Concept is FAB.
    A precious resource.
    Kids are cool.

  • Worse class – teaching teachers.
    They suffer from the closed mind syndrome.
    Give me the uninhibited mind…..pure joy.