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Here's the Trailer for 'Like Crazy,' the DSLR-shot Indie Dream Come True

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Remember that DSLR-shot feature that won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and was aquired by Paramount for $4 million? Like Crazy, shot on a Hot Rod PL-mount Canon 7D, opens October 28th. Here’s the newly released trailer, starring Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin and Sundance Special Jury Prize winner Felicity Jones:

[via indieWIRE]


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  • Vincent Galiano on 08.2.11 @ 1:11PM

    “Indie Dream Come True”
    Hum, it’s not like iif it was the first feature film shot with a dslr… Just this year “Tomboy” was shot with a canon 7D, and it’s so far one of the best films of the year…

  • this movie looks amazing to me. and i’m more for using the 5d’s and 7d’s on stuff like this. Anyone know the actual lenses they used not the PL 7D?

    • JOHN GULESARIAN (DP of LIKE CRAZY and A Fellow Friend of Mine) – “We used Ziess Ultra Primes with the HotRod Cameras PL Mount modified 7D”.

  • Can’t wait to see the film – any information on when and where it will be available to European viewers?

  • Chris Hubbard on 08.2.11 @ 5:53PM

    it seems like so much extra money to go the PL mount.

    couldnt they have accomplished the exact same thing [winning at sundance, selling to paramount] using canon’s lenses?

    do the PL mount really make that large of a difference?

    • Well, what would you rather use in making a film? Photography lenses made for photography, or film lenses made for filmmaking? considering this isn’t a no-budget amateur film with non-professional actors, I’d say a few extra thousand put into the most important piece of equipment of the entire shoot (the lenses) isn’t a bad idea

    • I spoke with the DP and he was very interested in working with Zeiss CP.2 lenses with the 7D. I would say you could accomplish almost the same thing with the CP.2′s.

      • very interesting. I have to pick up a CP 2 to test out in the next month or so.

      • I just wrapped picture where we used a 5D and CP.2′s. My DP absolutely loved them.

      • Marco Vasquez on 08.6.11 @ 2:34AM

        Even though it’s technically possible to put a CP.2 on a Canon in EF mount, It’s impossible to work with Canon EF mount like you can with PL. With EF lenses (even the CP.2) you can’t share lenses and maintain focus marks. Also the whole world moves to the left or right when you try to focus, because the lenses twist in the Canon mount. PL mounts holds them all completely still, and focus is correct. I purchased a set of CP.2 lenses and a 5D-PL from Hot Rod Cameras and it’s the most magical combination, there’s no other camera and lens set that can give you a digital VistaVision field of view. The 21mm CP.2 on a 5D-PL is spectacular!!!!

  • Christopher P on 08.2.11 @ 7:14PM

    This looks great production-wise. NFS, when are you guys going to get the play by play on how they did it?

  • Graham Kay on 08.3.11 @ 5:39AM

    It just doesn’t look like a very good film, never mind what camera and lenses were used!

  • This movie looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing and informing. You do an amazing job on all of your endeavors btw! You DSLR Guide, the blog, and everything else is fantastic!

  • Tomboy looks like it has a better story, but the trailer looks good.

  • Sandewwwrrr on 08.4.11 @ 5:36PM

    Actually, in the Netherlands there was also a movie released, completely shot on a couple of 7D’s. I was impressed with the result when I saw it on the big screen. Here’s the trailer (in Dutch) :

    It doesn’t look as good as the Like Crazy trailer though.

  • all i need is a 7d, no other camera

  • Ryan Emanuel on 08.8.11 @ 5:12PM

    I see a lot of talk about the Cp.2s on this thread, just be careful of wide open filming, they have bad purple chromatic aberrations that might affect the production value of your film. Also there is not uniform sharpness along the T-stops, you can still use these lenses just be careful with em

  • The link to Hot Rod PL-mount in the article contains a virus. You might want to remove that.

  • I think it’s nice, but when you have a movie that already has a number of stars in it. HOW is that an indie film? They had to be paid, and I’m sure they weren’t all working for scale.

  • Remember the so called dslr camera the movie was shot is almost worth as much as a professional FULL HD CAMERA. If it had been shot on a dslr camera worth under 1k, well then I would have been more impressed. But a camera worth 4-5k is out of reach for most filmmaker wannabes – including me.