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RED's SCARLET-X Camera Shoots 5K Stills and 4K Motion, Ships December 1st for $10K

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I guessed RED’s 2/3″ SCARLET was dead, and now it’s confirmed. RED just announced the SCARLET-X, which more than backs up their claim that they were bringing a Bazooka to tonight’s knife fight with Canon. The SCARLET X is not the low-cost “3K for $3K” SCARLET announced years ago, but is instead the interchangeable lens camera formerly known as the EPIC-S, and it looks like an amazing deal. It is very, very close to being the same Camera as the $28,000 EPIC-X — it’s the same size and weight, has the same large sensor, takes the same accessories, and maxes out at the same 5K resolution — except the SCARLET-X starts at under $10K. Canon C300, we hardly knew ye.

The SCARLET X will do 5K resolution at 12 FPS (for still shooting), 4K at 1-25FPS, 2K at 60FPS, 1K at 120FPS, and also does Quad HD (which is popular for downsampling to 1080P since it’s precisely double the resolution in both dimensions). It uses REDCODE RAW at 50MB/sec (which is 440 megabits/sec), comes with a side SSD slot, Canon lens mount, and will ship December 1st. Pricing will be $9,750 for the Canon mount version and $11,250 w/ a PL mount lens (and the mounts are interchangeable).

Here’s the breakdown of the ordering options at present:

There’s also supposed to be a $15k PL mount package, but I haven’t spotted it yet. If, like me, you want one, you can place a deposit at the link below (if their site is working, that is…).


Also, given REDUSER is down, if you can’t access this FAQ, here are the contents for now:

The Bomb Squad will be buried for the next week or so… so please expect delays. We would encourage you to read the FAQs (we will update) and try and resist the temptation to call in unless you have a question that we can’t answer here.

When will Scarlet-X begin shipping?
Dec 1st, 2011 for Scarlet with aluminum mount. Orders for Scarlet with a Ti PL mount will ship earlier. Add $1500.

Are there any considerations or discounted packages for RED ONE owners on Scarlet-X?
No. RED ONE owners have special consideration for EPIC upgrades only.

How can you offer Scarlet-X at this price when EPIC is so much more?
Data rates and processing power. ASICs that weren’t fast enough for EPIC… just became a gold mine for Scarlet. This, and board component reduction, allows us to lower the data rate throughput and significantly reduce our costs over volume.

Why can’t I shoot 24fps 4K HDRx?
Data rates and processing power. We are working on a future version of HDRx with modified compression to enable this possibility. It will be a firmware upgrade and free.

Can Scarlet-X be upgraded to the new Dragon sensor when it is released?
Yes. However the upgrade will be more expensive than upgrading an EPIC due to the necessity to change several primary boards. There will still be data rate limitations to Scarlet after the upgrade as compared with EPIC.

When will the Dragon sensor upgrade be available?
2nd half of 2012.

Will I be able to get RED Armor extended warranty for SCARLET-X?
Yes, RED Armor will be available for SCARLET-X for $1500.

Will firmware upgrades be free for Scarlet-X as they are for EPIC?

Does Scarlet have the same native dynamic range as EPIC?

Will all features be enabled in Scarlet-X when it ships?
No. We will continue to add features as time goes on, some of which were never expected. Scarlet-X feature additions and improvements will happen simultaneously with EPIC.

Will there be a different REDCINE-X Professional for Scarlet?
No. REDCINE-X Professional works both EPIC and Scarlet-X files seemlessly.

Will all EPIC Modules work on Scarlet-X?

Are there any modules that are specifically for Scarlet-X?
No. EPIC and Scarlet share exactly the same accessories.

Since Scarlet-X has a lower data rate, does it burn less power and have greater battery life?
Yes. More than slight and less than a lot.

Does Scarlet-X have the same user-interface as EPIC?
Yes. They are brother and sister.

Is the side SSD module on Scarlet the same as the one on Epic?

Will the Ti PL Mount and Ti Canon Mount work on Scarlet?
Yes. All mounts for EPIC work with Scarlet. Everything in the EPIC/Scarlet system is interchangeable.

Can I upgrade to the Ti Canon mount or Ti PL mount instead of buying the Aluminum Canon mount?
Yes. You just pay the difference in price. And it will not hold up your order. Actually, it will ship 1st because we have a supply of Ti PL mounts.

Will anything be is short supply when I order my Scarlet?
Yes. Side Handles, REDmote and EVF. Any delay in Scarlet is most likely to be caused by the Canon aluminum mount.

When will you get production of all parts up to reasonable levels?
February. We have spent a ton of energy to get out of back order status. The team has targeted February as the “end of pain” month.

How much does Scarlet weigh?
Exactly the same as EPIC.

Will Scarlet have Playback enabled?
Yes. Playback is being released before shipping.

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  • Where is Koo? I would like to see what you have to say about that…The story in RED

    • Where am I? Trying to buy one of these suckers!

      • I hear you Bro. I will wait to see some of the footages.
        Are you going to shoot ManChild in the new Scarlet X?

      • I’ve Heard That We Might Have An Easier Time Getting One Sooner By Going Directly To The RED Studio Itself Vs Ordering. Do You Know If This Has Any Truth To It?

  • @Brendan RED is Always Ahead Of The Game When It Comes To Motion Picture. Cannon May Be When It Comes To Stills But Some Of Your Assesment Of The Scarlet X Vs The New Cannon Are In Many Ways Doubful Of The Scarlet X. To Answer One Of Your Concerns Regarding The Price Of The Accesories You May Need For Full Functionality Of The Scarlet I Can Say This. The RED Scarlet As You Stated In Your Concern Is Designed To Shoot At An Extremely High Resolution Compared To Any Other Camera In It’s Price Range Today. Therefore It Seems Like Flash Cards Would Need To Be Increased At A Steady Pace The More You Shoot. RED Designed The Memory Cards To The RED ONE, THE EPIC, And The SCARLET X With You, The Filmaker In Mind. The Flash Cards Are Designed To Dramatically Compress And Lower The Amount Of Information The Filmaker Shot In For Reasonable Storage Space And Then Blow Everything Back Up To Its Original Recorded, Shot In File Size Upon Upload To Your Computer. So You Wont Spare Memory Space Just Because Your Shooting In A Resolution Thats Close To Five Times The Size Of 1080p. As For The Hard Drives. Your Going To Need Hard Drives Irregardless Of What Your Shooting with. A Cannon Super 35mm Camera Is Going To Take Up Alot Of Space As Well. Hard Drives Are Needed In Professional Digital Cinematography Of Any Level. Lighting Is Always Going To Be Expensive And They’re Are Always Ways To Create Your Own Ambience Of Light Without Delving Too Far Into Your Pockets. I’ll be Breaking The Bank To One Own. But Only Half As Much As I Will To Own The New Cannon, A Camera Capable Of Less Than Half Of What The Scarlet Can Do. Why Would They Create A Camera With A 35mm Sensor That Shoots In 1080p. That Will Not Fit On A Big Screen. Go With The Scarlet Friend. You Will Be Saving Money And Making A Better Choice For Yourself In The Long Run.

    • Landen, could you retype? It hurt my eyes after the first two lines to read.

      • I take that back- made it through and seem to agree with you. However, I do feel like Clayton is right- Canon will work out the bugs- RED I’ve heard is notorious for just releasing cameras with betaware.

  • Pleasantly surprised. I’m not about to drop the 5 digits it’ll take to keep a working RED kit, but I can’t wait to rent this bad boy out.

  • FREE software updates, Sony. Hope you’re listening.

  • Here’s what I have decided on doing PERSONALLY:

    I am Directing a new weekly 45 minute teen web show beginning in January called Closure. We plan on exporting all the shows out to 720P for the web. Using a RED on a show like this… with it’s workflow to me… is Pointless. I do plan on getting the Canon C3oo after I see it’s dynamic range, and seeing some footage shot with it. I am a complete Canon supporter, and probably will be forever. This is only their first step into Cinema, and I guarantee they will find themselves evolving more and more into Cinema Quality.

    However, I am not only subjecting myself to Web Shows. I am a filmmaker who wants “FILM MAKER QUALITY”. Therefore I will be going RED also. With it’s price point… I can NOT pass this up! Everyone is upset that the FPS aren’t where they’d like them to be. Here’s something to digest… We only need 24P. If you want that slow motion use something like Twixtor. Much cheaper and easy to use.

    I’m sold on both the C300 and the RED Scarlet X. Both for completely different reasons!

    • Have you used twixtor before? It has really limited capabilities outside of very specific things. If you’re using it in a narrative way, you basically have to write your shot around twixtor instead of the other way around.

      • Twixtor can be tricky indeed. Hair or water are very difficult to get right without morphing artefacts that look unnatural. Nothing beats the real super-slomo of a camera like the Phantom.

  • The price is def very attractive! Wish I had more going on right now to have a good excuse to buy this camera. 1K-120fps for action shots, yeah!!

  • I do wish the numbers were reported better.

    An EPIC-M is a $39,500 brain, nothing else included (not $28K), you can’t even shoot with it at this price, same goes for the brain of the Scarlet-X at sub $10K, you can’t shoot a thing with it until you spend more.

    EPIC-M package $58K
    Scarlet-X package $14K

    add lenses and you can finally make a moving image.

  • Ok, love the specs, *want* this sooo bad.

    However, my main concern is service. I’m based in the Netherlands and from what I’ve understood RED doesn’t have a service center in mainland Europe. So, if I invest in this as my main camera, I cannot afford to lose it for a few weeks when it’s being serviced in either the UK or USA (with all the additional cost of shipment).

    Another aspect is – as much as I covet having HDR-x – do I really *need* it? Most of my clients are perfectly happy with 720p as their output format (I mainly shoot for online use), because it looks great on their site, on YouTube and acceptable on their LCD screens. I suspect this to last for at least another year, so the C300 will give me what I need. Probably even with less noise and without moire / rolling shutter. Down the line Canon promises to deliver a 4K DSLR.

    So it’s a balancing act between want and need.

    • Good Q about the service center, I’m not sure about that, but I think RED announced expansion plans on REDUSER recently.

      If you’re clients mostly want 720p for online use, I’d think about the Sonys or the Canon… You really can’t tell the difference between 4K and 1080p (much less 720p) anywhere except the theater (assuming the theater even has a 4K projector, that is).

      • If they sell enough Scarlets those expansion plans will likely speed up too. I would be happiest with a service center right in Amsterdam, but Paris or Berlin is also fine. Crossing the channel (UK) or overseas (USA) just feels not that handy. Maybe they can make arrangements with rental agencies so that you can buy some sort of insurance that you won’t be without your camera for prolonged periods of time (should it be needed).

        I like 4K mainly for the crop factor it will give you in post. Basically, it means you can shoot wide / medium / close with a single camera, given that the output is 720p or, to a lesser extend, 1080p. On the other hand, I also wonder if Premiere Pro on my pretty powerful Win7 workstation is capable of handling it with an nVidia card. And I have no idea if you can get both a Red Rocket and an nVidia card working simultaneously.

        Sony is not an option as I am heavily invested in EF glass and there’s currently no mount for it on the FS100 or F3. That’s what I like about Scarlet-X (it even allows for autofocus, where the C300 is fully manual). Birger and MTF Services are working on mounts, but the latter has a break-out box to control aperture electronically inside the lens. That means you can’t mount it on a Glidecam, handheld rig or monopod. Then again, I can’t imagine me running and gunning with the Scarlet-X.

        • Richard, you could try to establish a deal with Camelot or Camera Rentals. Both in Amsterdam. They have great technicians for day 2 day service.
          Personally I think that the Scarlet is great for ‘sketching’, for pursuing personal projects. But it wouldn’t be my first choice if i’d be directing a commercial. The Alexa is a much more reliable camera and a true system camera.
          Also tying yourself down to one system could also limit your freedom of choice to pick the camera suitable for the job. You have to earn that camera back right. That’s why I ilke renting, you do not only get a camera, but also the service of the rental company. When shooting big budget commercials you need stuff that works, and works flawlessly.

          Curious to see though what all these Scarlet buyers will produce. Because when I look on Vimeo to see what’s been produced with all these nice cheap cameras like GH2 or 5D, mostly I see people shooting tests, time-lapses and landscapes. No story, no creative solutions, nothing original and no craft in filmmaking. Of all these people that buy these things, that is a very low output. So are we going to see more crap, but now in glorious 4K? I hope not.

          Equipment is merely a tool. Specs don’t matter as long as the image looks good and serves the purpose of expressing your creativity. I don’t see enough stories how people used their shiny cameras in the story and their creative process. Instead I read a lot about 4K, 3K, nitrates bla bla.
          Be original !

  • The ScarletX is nice but my question is where is the SCARLET 8X fixed lens ?

  • If you want to shoot 4K on a Scarlet you are going to need a few SSD media modules as these will fill fast, You will also need batteries. Outdoor shoots you will need a Bomb EVF or some other form of EVF.

    Expect to pay $20K for a professional Scarlet kit to do paid work.

    Don’t want to shoot 4K? Maybe 2K, well the sensor crops = no wide angle shots

    Audio, Welcome to mini jacks for incamera sound, good by Pro XLR!

    • @Toobs- Are you saying that when filming at a lower resolution the camera actually crops the image?
      Is it not possible to film at a lower resolution but still use the cameras image width?

  • Red has been failing to deliver on their promises for years and years. I can’t really believe anything they say.

    • I am disappointed that RED posted shipping dates of December 1st the day the Canon was announced but now here i am waiting. Sure, they shipped a couple on that date but that was not the impression i got. I wish RED would not do this! Why?! We are all in the same gang!

  • Koo

    Greetings … I congratulate you on this website.

    I have a Nikon D5100.
    What is your opinion of this camera, and give me advice to optimize it.

    I am a photographer by profession and worked as a publicist for 15 years … Now, I
    tell stories through film. Was to become my new passion.

    Thanks in advance.

    Remember … Nikon D5100
    Gabriel Lezcano

  • Will you have aperture control using EOS lenses on the RED?

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