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Seven Sets of Prime Lenses Go Head-to-Head: The Answer Key Revealed

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Last week I shared a “blind” shootout between seven sets of prime lenses. Viewers of the extensive test were instructed to pick their favorites and wait for the answer key to find out which lens was which. Now the answers are live with the videos, and downloadable .R3D files (it was shot on a RED EPIC) are also available:

Video 1 Answer Key:
01- Cooke
02- Illumina
03- Leica
04- Red
05- Schneider
06- Unique
07- Zeiss

Video 2 Answer Key:
08- Schneider
09- Unique
10- Zeiss
11- Cooke
12- Red
13- Leica
14- Illumina

Video 3 Answer Key:
15- Zeiss
16- Unique
17- Schneider
18- Red
19- Leica
20- Illumina
21- Cooke

Check out Ryan E. Walters’ full blog post below, with in-depth analysis and downloadable .R3D files. If you’re in the market for a set of PL-mount prime lenses in this price range, this is an incredibly helpful set of tests. Thanks to everyone who put it together!

Link: Portland Lens Test 2011 – Ryan E. Walters


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