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Apple Adds Multicam Support (And a Way to Open Final Cut 7 Projects) to Final Cut Pro X

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Apple today released an update to the controversial Final Cut Pro X, adding multicam support, advanced chroma keying, media relinking upgrades, and enhanced XML support. There’s also a third party app that — get this — actually allows you to import Final Cut Pro 7 projects. FCPX is now at 10.0.3, and while I’m not sure this will make anyone give up their copy of 7, it’s a step in the right direction (and a significant upgrade for current X users). Here are the details:

Here’s Apple with the new version capabilities:

“In the seven months since launch, the third party ecosystem around Final Cut Pro X has expanded dramatically,” the company said in a statement. “XML-compatible software like DaVinci Resolve and CatDV provide tight integration for tasks such as color correction and media management. The new 7toX app from Intelligent Assistance uses XML to import Final Cut Pro 7 projects into Final Cut Pro X. In addition, some of the industry’s largest visual effects developers, including GenArts and Red Giant, have developed motion graphics plug-ins that take advantage of the speed and real-time preview capabilities of Final Cut Pro X.”

It’s interesting that Apple is relying on a third party application (7toX) instead of building it into their own “Pro” application, but something is better than nothing. Are there any X editors out there getting a hands-on with this new version, or are any 7 editors swayed by these new features?

Link: Apple Final Cut Pro X Software Update 10.0.3 – Apple

[via AppleInsider]


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