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Enter Your Short in YouTube's 'Your Film Festival' for a Chance to Win a $500k Grant from Ridley Scott

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YouTube’s crowdsourced, Ridley Scott-produced, Kevin Macdonald-directed Life in a Day was an excellent, globe-spanning, and touching film (watch it free in its entirety here). YouTube and Scott are not done, however: they’ve just announced a new contest calling for story-driven shorts, and the winner gets a $500k grant to make new work.

15 minutes to tell a story. Millions of people to watch it. $500,000 to make a new one for the world to see. This is Your Film Festival. You have until March 31st to submit a short, story-driven video. There’s no entry fee. It can be any format – short film, web-series episode, TV pilot – and any genre. In June, audiences around the world will vote, sending 10 deserving storytellers to open the 2012 Venice Film Festival where a Grand Prize Winner will be be rewarded with a $500,000 grant to create a new work, produced by Ridley Scott and his world class team.

Submissions open February 2nd and close March 31st; there are no entry fees.

Link: Your Film Festival

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  • Great opportunity but I know that so many talented people will enter!

  • Haven’t tended to bother too much with short film festival entries in the past – expensive, unclear selection criteria and horrendous rules on ‘premiere status’… This, on the other hand, sounds great – I’m in! Some of the entries are going to be amazing – looking forward to seeing them.

  • This sounds great! I’ve been experimenting with Iphone filmmaking (which is surprisingly robust and customizable) so maybe I can do a short film for this contest that will also work as a test short for the iphone. Win win!

  • sound great. Only problem is that it’s crowd voted…which means a lot of shameless self promotion which is soul draining stuff.

    • An unfortunate, but necessary aspect of this business. Particularly one that thrives on marketing and publicity.

      • Jacques E. Bouchard on 01.26.12 @ 9:35PM

        I completely disagree. Popular-vote supported contests are an abomination that reward the biggest spammers and cheats, not the most talented. I never enter and I never vote.

        • Well I was referring more to his statement of “shameless self promotion” being “soul draining stuff”. I agree, but its similar to how movies rely heavily on marketing and publicity.

  • Hey whats the age limit?

  • you have to be 18 years old

  • I am in sync with Will’s post…crowd voting calls for soliciting votes from wherever. Does that not,in some way
    ,demerit the value of the entries?

    Confucious say “He who has lots of friends make good movie” (paraphrase).

  • Here is an opportunity to win one half million dollars to make another short or long story. Just make the short, send it in and promote it. Why do all you guys have to complain all the time? Just give it your best shot and show the rest of us your talent.


    Good luck,


  • Can it be as simple as telling a story by a campfire? If the story was good, and had a twist at the end? That’s how some of the greatest stories were told.
    They’re looking for the worlds greatest story tellers right?

    Am a screenwriter, limited acting skills but thinking of doing a live, meta-fiction piece. One location. MINIMAL effects, grainy laptop with a few effect elements at the end twist.

    Would i be the laughing stock, even if the story was really engaging and told well?


  • is it a team competition???

  • Can a team participate???

  • can it be of any language?????

  • Hi,
    I am having problems submitting my short film to myfilmfestival site…anyone can help? Thank you.

  • Hi, we found out about the film festival way too late.. like when the voting started. I have a question.. is Your Film Festival only happening this year, like this is the only time you can participate. New people can’t enter 2013? Will there be another event so we can enter ours? Or is this it, we are too late? If you get what Im trying to put out there please someone respond because we really had an amazing story to tell.. and Im just hoping its not too late to give it up next year.. will there be another your film festival next year (2013)? Thanks!
    Please someone respond!