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Sundance 2012 Kicks Off -- Here's How to Watch (Almost) All of the Trailers

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Today the 2012 Sundance Film Festival kicked off, and most of the indie film world is currently in Park City. I’m staying home to work on my own feature, but I feel like I’m missing a lot of great films… so I just sat down and watched every trailer I could get my hands on (link after the jump). Here’s the kickoff video from Sundance’s YouTube Channel with Festival Director John Cooper, and Director of Programming Trevor Groth:

Hot tub jokes aside, the festival is and should be all about the movies, so if you’re interested in which films are playing at the festival (and which films you might be seeing over the next year), check out the largest collection of Sundance 2012 trailers I could find — 94, to be exact — at Prescreen.

Link: Watch Sundance 2012 trailers on Prescreen


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  • Michael Soomon on 01.20.12 @ 5:22PM

    Watching those trailers I can’t help but feel like sundance has lost that “indie” feel. All I see are A-List actors in films that surely had a rather large budget for production.

    • Really? I would say the vast majority don’t feature any established stars…

    • You know what… I’m going to have to agree with you on that one. I feel like Sundance has become and outlet for EVERYONE, even A-Listers also. I feel like they should only accept submissions between a certain budget. Like if a film was made for more than $1,000,000, then I don’t think it should even be considered.

      • I must also admit, Sundance is really losing the indie feel. The last few years, it’s been either returning directors, or A-list actors launching a directing career. I don’t know if limiting the accepted budget is okay because some indie producers could certainly work a miracle, but then how to really determine what is indie? Just because a film is technically part of a major studio, doesn’t necessarily make it the blood, sweat and tears story we crave at indie film fests.

        My two cents.

      • Ah yes, like Rob Minkoff’s flop, “Flypaper”, that was rushed into the festival last-minute last year. I got up and left halfway through- it was junk and a waste of all festival-goers’ time. I hope there aren’t more of these this year.

    • I disagree. I worked on I am not a hipster for 6 days over the summer and it was definitely an indie shoot. Food was catered by friends and favors were called in for extra crew. That said it really did show me what you can do with minimal lighting and good locations!

  • Want to throw a special note on Chasing Ice, hopefully soon coming to a theater near you. Visually stunning as it demonstrates the effect of global warming through melting ice sheets. Also, featuring Dana’s brother, Adam!

  • John Jeffreys on 01.20.12 @ 6:28PM

    Meh, sundance is too large for its own good now. its all shitty hollywood films

    • Of the 94 trailers there, how many would you say are Hollywood films? “All” is quite an exaggeration.

      • John Jeffreys on 01.20.12 @ 11:10PM

        i use the term “hollywood” to describe a film that is convention in its composition, story, and feel. and thats like, most of them.

        the ones i liked were Fishing Without Nets and Bobby Yeah

  • what you have to understand any film that isn’t made from the 7 studios is consider an indie even if it has a budget of 15 million. I am pissed about it but hey only bitching about it and not grabbing a camera, script and filming your feature will make us never try. Look at Bellflower which premiered last year in the neXt section by even goldell for 17 grand no stars no known crew members yet it sells and gets a limited theatrical release. Sundance has gotten very big but it still has an outlet and voice for filmmakers in the “ultra low budget” area but the films have to be better than ever!

  • The video is down.

  • you always have the option as a 1st time filmmaker to apply to Slamdance as well of course . Films must be under a million bucks and it needs to be a debut feature. Here are the submission stats to Slamdance for 2012….

  • Watch the SHORT films that were accepted to Sundance for free online. And Vote for the audience award.