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'Saturday Night Live' DP Alex Buono Shoots On, and Quite Likes, the Canon C300

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Alex Buono, Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live, has been shooting on DSLRs for quite some time (the intro for the show was in fact shot on a Canon 5D Mark II and 7D). Here, he gets his hands on a C300, shoots some spots for the show, and talks about his impressions of the camera (which are quite positive). Here’s the video, courtesy Clint Milby:

Of the two spots Alex mentions, only one is available (the other has apparently expired):

The first video is from the San Francisco SuperMeet.

[via ProVideo Coalition, HDSLR Shooter]


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  • He sounded like a Canon representative.

  • Thats what I was thinking, If this video was title ___ visits Canon booth at ____, I would have though he was a Canon rep at a fill-in-the-blank tradeshow.

  • I don’t know if he sounds like a rep, but he didn’t mention any shortcomings so it doesn’t come off objective.

    Also, I don’t know if the video was before or after the sony f3 slog price reduction. Everyone should know that currently canon c300=$16K sony f3+slog=14K

    • Yes, but to use S-log properly you need an external recorder. Accessories to mount it + a kit of decent PL mount lenses. That adds up.

      • but not up to a c300. c300 still has its advantages but price competitiveness vs the f3 is one of them anymore


  • Viewing only in the USA?
    That sucks!

  • He’s actually shot something with the C300 that’s been broadcast so he’s ahead on 2 counts over most people when it comes to suitability to comment.

    Any person who takes one opinion only when looking to pay a five figure sum for a camera is a fool. Get as many opinions as you can, handle the camera, heck even shoot some material and get it broadcast on a primetime show on a national network, then you can comment.

  • this guy is absolutely contradictory with himself; first he talk about the beautty of the size and little weight of the camera, and that you don’t need nothing to put in the camera for big productions…… and then… he just turn arround and show us a huge cage for the camera to make it work properly for big pruductions!!! WTF, this guy is just trying to sell us the C300; is a good camera but not that good