Alex Buono is a director, producer, cinematographer, and executive producer who is known for his work on television shows such as Saturday Night Live, Documentary Now! and Russian Doll. He is currently working as the Directing Producer on a tv series, Based on a True Story, which is now available for streaming.

In this episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with Director Producer Alex Buono to discuss:

  • Working at SNL soon after graduating film school
  • How his time at SNL forced him to develop dexterity in his work
  • Figuring out how to create different styles for each episode of Documentary Now!
  • Bending genres and finding tone for the show, Based on a True Story
  • Getting certain shots out of your system
  • Being influenced by Brian De Palma and the Cohen Brothers
  • Good exercises for young filmmakers to try out
  • Being a Directing Producer - it’s not for everyone
  • How directing and producing is like being a project manager
  • Being the copilot that helps bring someone else’s vision to life

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by GG Hawkins.