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Adobe Officially Launches Creative Suite 6, Now Taking Preorders

Adobe has launched Creative Suite 6 and is now taking pre-orders (no word on a release date yet). This latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite includes more Mercury acceleration, adjustment layers in Premiere Pro, Speed Grade for color grading, ray-traced extruded 3D objects and reflections and 3D camera tracking in After Effects, Creative Cloud, and more. You can also check out an overview of the new features in Joe’s post on day 2 at NAB 2012, as well as the official Adobe Production Premium video with Jason Levine:

Production Premium will be retailing at $1899, and if you really want it all, the Master Collection will be going for $2,599. Subscriptions are available for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade, Photoshop and other apps for $19.99/month per app if you choose the one-year plan or $29.99/month per app if you want to be billed month-to-month. The other alternative is signing up for the Creative Cloud which lets you download anything in the Master Collection for $49.99/month or $30/month if you join by August (again, on a one year plan).

You can read the full press release, but here’s an excerpt on Production Premium and more information on pricing:

Production Premium CS6 Pushes Boundaries of Video Creativity

Redesigned by and for video editors, with major performance enhancements, the tools included in Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium set a new standard in professional video.

  • With dozens of new features, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6 is the hub of any professional video workflow, featuring a sleek new editing environment.  The powerful Adobe Mercury Playback Engine now supports OpenCL on MacBook Pros.
  • The most significant After Effects release in a decade, Adobe After Effects® CS6 is faster and more responsive than ever. With Global Performance Cache, previews are saved and ready to go – cutting the time spent bouncing between projects.
  • New to Production Premium are Adobe Prelude™ CS6, which streamlines logging and ingest workflows in post-production, and Adobe SpeedGrade, which contains powerful finishing tools for film finishing and color grading.
  • Adobe Audition® CS6 accelerates audio post-production: real-time clip stretching makes it simple to stretch clips to fit an edit; and Automatic Speech Alignment introduces a powerful new engine for automated dialogue analysis.
  • A new third party API for hardware integration – Adobe Mercury Transmit – allows broadcast video monitoring to connect directly into the Mercury Playback Engine via third-party cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe Creative Suite 6 products and Adobe Creative Cloud are scheduled to be available within 30 days and can be pre-ordered now. Adobe continues to offer 14 CS6 point-products as well as Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium (US$1,899), Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard (US$1,299), Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium (US$1,899) and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection (US$2,599) for purchase. Upgrade pricing is also available to eligible customers. Customers can purchase CS6 products via and through select retail, resellers and online stores. More information on product pricing is available at

Adobe Creative Cloud membership for individuals is US$49.99 per month based on annual membership and US$74.99 per month based on month-to-month membership. A special introductory offer of US$29.99 per month for CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 individual customers is also available. Learn more at

Adobe Creative Cloud membership for individuals is US$49.99 per month based on annual membership and US$74.99 per month based on month-to-month membership. A special introductory offer of US$29.99 per month for CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 individual customers is also available. Learn more at

Link: Official Adobe Creative Suite 6 site

Via [Apple Insider]


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  • Nygel bissel on 04.24.12 @ 10:00AM

    Here we go.. This is what a company that listens to customers do. Getting better and better.

  • I caught the live launch event yesterday and must say that Adobe has certainly stepped up its game :) Just some additional info – for European customers, the monthly payment for a one-year subscription should be approximately €59 (inc. VAT). There are some minor fluctuations from store to store – I’ve seen it for €61 in some of Adobe’s stores.
    Furthermore, the cited unlocking date is May 7th. At least that’s what is stated when you’re pre-ordering for the service.

  • Exactly. That looks really promising. Some good improvements. I’ll definitely test it out. It seems like Premiere is actually going for Pro – par excellence! FCP – be afraid! – thx for the post guys. nofilmschool is doing tremendous job. no offence but you’re at the stage now, where upgrade of website layout should be done soon! :) best site ever!

  • This is the perfect opprittunity to ditch FCP, I know will.

  • I have a question. I am using Prod Premium CS5. If I choose pre-order upgrade to CS6 it is costing me 700$+ but if I click “i can’t wait” it says I can get CS5.5 upgrade for 399$ and CS6 upgrade on launch at no extra cost.
    I am sure I am missing something. Please tell me what.

    • They have different pricing depending on what version you are updating from (cs3+cs4 is $999, cs5, $699, cs5.5 $399). The upgrade to CS5.5 and free to CS6 is a current promotion that won’t last much longer, take advantage!

      They also have the $29.99/month yearly creative cloud membership for upgraders, and considering their update cycle is now going to be about 12 months you’ll have just paid the same $399 by the time CS6.5 comes out but won’t have to pay for the next upgrade. That’s what I am going for. They’re really making the creative cloud membership a way better deal than the box version especially considering the upgrades they can now roll out on it instead of just bug fixes.

      • sorry you’ll obviously have to continue the membership to get CS6.5, but you’re not shelling out another big chunk of cash every year for an upgrade. Instead you get a nice monthly receipt to put on your expense reports.

        • Thanks MRH, The cloud membership will cost $360 for the 1st year and the standard $50/mo 2nd year onwards. What it also does I would no longer own any desktop copies. He day I end membership, I won’t have any CS with me. So for me (being CS5) I guess it makes sense to switch to cs5.5 for 399 (cs6 complimentary later) and see how creative cloud is received by the industry for a year before jumping on it.
          The othe question I am stuck on is, I have a MacBook Pro ONLY. I have not bought a MacBook pro because Apple is not upgrading those. Should I switch to Windows? But I am so used to ProRes etc will I be missing on codec/compatibility aspect with Windows?

          • Typos- The day I end………. and….. have not bought a MAC PRO

          • As long as you have quicktime 7.4 or higher on windows then you can DECODE prores (ie. work with prores from Alexa / offboard recorders) but you will have to start using another codec if you need to transcode. This really shouldn’t be an issue anymore with premieres native support for everything though. The live demo I saw of CS6 had Arriraw, 5D, 7D and C300 footage all on the same timeline running off of a 4 year old macbook pro. Obviously there are times when you need to transcode, but there are other options besides prores.

            I’m not so interested in the creative cloud stuff (except the 20GB synched space) it just seems to be the better deal to me. Though you do bring up a valid point of not having the software when you are no longer paying for it… Seems like theres a flaw in their system, if you already paid for a CS5 box, then did creative cloud for CS6, and you stopped your membership after a year, do you lose everything? (until you start subscribing again?)

      • ” The upgrade to CS5.5 and free to CS6 is a current promotion that won’t last much longer, take advantage!”
        What does this mean??! Where?

        • Sorry disregard I should have done my research first.
          I purchased 5.5 a couple months ago but still think they should give a decent discount for 5.5 users since we did pay for half an upgrade? Does this even make sense?

          • That would be nice, and I gotta admit I don’t understand their reasoning behind the CS5.5 upgrade and get CS6 free (as it only benefits CS5 users from what I understand) but it’s a special offer that was out just for april. So yeah it would be awesome if they extended that back for everyone who bought CS5.5 over the year, but I think you’re probably just unlucky having just recently upgraded.

  • Creative Cloud subscription here in the UK comes in at £27.34 compared to $29.99 in the US. So no change there; we still have to pay through the nose for no good reason (at current exchange rates $1 = £0.62, so a fairer price would be around £18). Apparently Adobe claims higher costs operating in Europe but even if this were ever true then surely now that everything will be cloud-based, this is less and less defensible. Still going to go for it of course, like the mug I am…

  • $30 a month as long as you sign up before August? Amazing! Might have to find out about expensing this.

  • James Neuendorf on 04.25.12 @ 8:17AM

    My question is how the international availability works with Creative Cloud, I spend most of my shooting time abroad, If I spend a month in Ecuador or somewhere where its not offered, do I lose access to my software? Does the country you sign up in lock in the subscription rate? For example as an American, if you went to London to shoot for more than a month and had your creative cloud stuff with you, do you get charged double when it checks in? Nothing on the FAQ about that stuff, and lots of shooters are also travelers, anyone know?

    • The software is actually downloaded to your computer and only needs to access the Adobe site for verification once every 30 days.

  • I finally ditched FCP for Premiere 5. I was just getting to know the various Adobe 5.5′s…but I’m excited for 6.

  • Will Encore author a Bluray? In CS 5.5 it cant.

  • you don’t appreciate how awesome Adobe is (audition) till you work with a different software, I have to work with pro tools in my full time job and I only laugh at all this steps you have to do to create something so simple like a cross fade.. Adobe audition RAWKS!!

  • I’m also wondering what improvements they gave made to Encore CS6 over CS5, because the general consensus is that CS4 was better for BluRay Burning. Can’t decide on the subscription or Out of Box. Oh god how we humans hate change ! :)

  • When I first heard about monthly subscriptions for Adobe-stuff I was thrilled. Even more thrilled I became (Yoda-grammar?) when it turned out that I get the Total Master Suite for what is basically only the upgrade-fee… The only downside is that it won’t work unless I pay, but then again… it’ll always be up to date with the very latest version… What was it RED kept calling it? Something like… “Rendering Obsolescence Obsolete”.

    And I simply cannot find an economic plan to cough up the huge amount of money (for me) to get the regular version.

    Or in short… I heard about it by lunch and payed my first month just now with the full-year plan. :D

    Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to have to set up some adverts, since I can finally start working in full to get clients and not having to cough awkwardly when the subject of software comes up. Listen! Maybe one day we’ll capture a fighting-machine, ey! Learn how to make them ourselves and then… WALLOP! …

    Sorry, my mind wandered there for a bit. :)

  • Wander Andringa on 04.28.12 @ 4:23PM

    I’m currently running a Ati Radeon HD6950 2gb in my desktop. I wonder if Adobe Mercury Playback Engine will also support Ati GPU’s to render effects in real time. I’ve been thinking to switch to nVidia just for their CUDA acceleration. Any idea’s on this?

  • So if anyone on this thread read my comments above (when I was excited to get a free upgrade to CS6), I just got screwed by a seller “CircuitCity” at Amazon. I placed my order for CS5.5 upgrade on 30 April and it was in stock. I asked the seller multiple times and it was said that I need to be patient and they will ship.
    It was cancelled today, 2 days after the promotion expired. After spending hours with Amazon to not cancel the order and let me pay for the same product from a different seller (obviously offering to pay the difference in cost) but Amazon did not budge.
    Sadly I ordered from Amazon because I had a 500$ credit which I was not using for anything. To rub salt into the wounds i re-ordered from them again hoping that maybe the Adobe Customer Care will pay heed to this and grant me the free upgrade.
    In case this seems like a rant, apologies. Just sharing an experience so those reading can plan better.