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What Do You Want to See in the Next Version of No Film School? (Open Thread)

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It’s been almost three years since I launched this site in its present form; the design as it is now is the same as it was then. Aesthetically I don’t mind it, but there are a lot of functions and features we could have that we don’t. A year ago I ran a poll about what should be in the next version, but I never ended up having the bandwidth to design it myself (I’m trying to make my first feature at the same time, after all), and so we’ll be working with a design firm to take the site to the next level. I’ve been preparing a design spec, and I have a good idea of what I want to see in the next iteration (and the next, and the next). However, above all else this site is here for you guys — so please let us know what you’d like to see in the relaunch and we will consider everything!

Thanks for being part of one of the fastest-growing film sites in the world. In the scheme of things, we’re just getting started.

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We’re all here for the same reason: to better ourselves as writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, photographers... whatever our creative pursuit. Criticism is valuable as long as it is constructive, but personal attacks are grounds for deletion; you don't have to agree with us to learn something. We’re all here to help each other, so thank you for adding to the conversation!

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  • I’d like to see a section which is a curated collection of the best how to and tutorial filmmaking videos on the Web. I’ve seen a lot on different websites. Would love to see in one place.

  • A new version with less biased articles

    • Very helpful! I’m curious, which direction are we biased?

      • Peter Kelly on 10.10.12 @ 5:18PM

        I do think some of the BMCC articles have been a little bias when you compare them to say the C100 article announcing that particular camera, which had quite a negative slant (which I felt was unjustified and probably because it was a Canon camera) but thats just what I think.

    • Less biased? Since when are Koo’s articles biased at all? This seems completely out of left field…

  • I agree with Chris P about the How To/Tutorial vids. More specifically, I’d love to see segmental clips from complete (or near complete) projects joined with clips of how scenes were accomplished. Also, info on equipment used, post production techniques, i.e. film craft development would be helpful.

  • captainkirk on 10.4.12 @ 6:48PM

    I agree about having tutorial videos, but I think that there should be some simple way of downloading them. I can’t load large files at home due to bandwidth limitations and at the internet cafe I go to Youtube is blocked. So it would be convenient for me and I’m sure lots of other people if it was possible to download videos.

  • Michaelanknz on 10.4.12 @ 8:09PM


    No Film School is terrific as it is, it’s fast to grip and read, it’s simple to follow, it’s functional and relative to the DSLR audience,

    Why does this world continuously wanted to change what is fantastic and screw it until it fails..

    Several people that I know that are on the site. All say ” in one page, it’s the most relevant update to the DSLR are community that they have without trolling through several websites getting into conflict with the manufacturer the PR company that is running the press release and just not believing what you’re reading..

    K. I. S. S

  • I think with this posting you have surpassed other film schools
    because you are more practically oriented.
    I wish to see some posts or links to ‘live action/animation’
    techniques. Keep up the articles with practical tips and good
    luck with your film. How about some posts on it’s making?

  • Do more stuff on fundamental skills/tips for cinematography or editing …something like that

  • As an independent film maker (or aspiring to be) the most important things which concern my mind is what are the essential tools for making a sound budget for a film? How do we market for festivals, distributors and end consumer. If there can be a section detailing this it could be really help full… all would agree the biggest thing on stake is MONEY!!!!

  • Would love to see a link for the tutorials something where all post production work(editing, Music, color correction, Vfx and animation from amatuers to getting to the next level)
    Also some more insight or videos on production. Obstacles faced by filmmakers and how they over came them.(indie filmmakers where the main obstacle is money and state of the art equipment, how they overcame all these obstacles).
    Also if there would be a link where writers could post synopsis of their stories, so that directors and producers could look them up.

  • Id like to see it on Google Currents.

  • Tommy Hill on 10.5.12 @ 2:32PM

    Your blog has been very informative and entertaining. My only comment concerns the email list of articles. It would be helpful to me if you used markers like “Gear”, “Software”, “Tutorials”, “Directing” ,”Acting ” My favorite sites are: Andrew Kramers’ Video Co-pilot, Stu’s Prolost, Philup Bloom, and Vincent Laforet.

  • I’m all for a forum/community if usernames are abolished and we’re required to use our real names. Networking is a large part of filmmaking and it helps to know who’s comment I’m reading. User “JoShmo” (just grabbing a name at random) may be the best DP in the world, but we wouldn’t know it.

    I’m also tired of trolls hiding behind uncreative monikers.

  • Your articles are very informative and enriching. A great resource for starting film makers like me. It helped me save a ton of money during my first few shorts. I know that this website is focused on the tools and equipment but I think a little more articles on film theory/acting/directing essentials will be great. Not that I’m complaining to the current roster of articles but mixing it up a bit won’t do much harm

  • I low medium-high end camera reviews, and solutions to modern production value, as well as approach to cinematography and directing information.

  • I would like help and guidance with zoom-ing on DSRLs for newbies.

  • More camera-phone articles. Not just iPhones, but more capable devices such as the Nokia 808 and even Lumia 920.

  • A search bar. It takes me FOREVER to locate a past article if it hasn’t been highlighted at the top.

  • we need Arabic content or translation to make benefiting all Arab people ………………. i can write Arabic content for you :)

  • Personally, i loved the “is filmschool worth it in 2011″ debate, and would love to hear another, but other than that i like the site, maybe too much bashing Dslr’s, on if wheather people should use them or not, alot of filmmakers made great first features with just a 7d and turned out great.. i just think people love the whats new too much, when there’s honestly nothing wrong with the cam they have.

  • it would be nice to be able to sign in and favorite certain articles incase i wanted to come back and not have to deal with scrolling through pages and pages of things

  • Great site. I like looking for particular things, like camera releases, or some other subject. It would be good if I could click on “New Cameras” in the menu, and see all cameras tagged “new camera”.

    I have seen sites set up, so that if you click on the head menu item, you go to a listing of articles associated with that menu item, or can go down the drop down menu to another item, or sub items off of that etc. You can make a hierarchy of menu categories to list any group of tags, like model updates. Each item would just send it’s group of tags to the listing page.

    In interface design, they ussually teach to divide things by 7 items or less. You start with several of the most popular on top, with at least one being a general hierarchy, with each subcategory having up to several items. So, you can have items like “camera updates”, “equipment”, “training” or “law” etc. You will probably only have 20 or so general tags plus models and names. Not like engadget, that has every variation of combo tags possible, that causes things to be missed if tags are forgotten, but somebody tries to search one of them by the clicking on it.

  • I know I’ve mentioned this before, but since you asked…my favorite NFS articles are the ones where you analyze what you’re doing (for example: 1) Film work: where you put your time/energy (writing/promotion/conferences/etc.) 2) Kickstarter campaign: what worked, what didn’t, what you’ll do differently next time, etc. 3) Website: traffic, advertising, hiring/firing, testing, growth/expansion 4) Lifestyle: balancing life and work, figuring out how to carve out free time for film, etc.) I know these types of articles take the longest to write since they require soul searching, analysis, etc. For me, though, they’re what distinguished NFS from other film sites. Unfortunately, they seem to be nearly non-existent these days. (The upside to this type of article is that it is totally unique and lends itself to compilation and eventual sale as a book.)
    I think your About page does a great job detailing what you hoped to do with the site…I’m wondering, though, if it has been skewing in more one direction than the other?

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